The Cult-Brand Ice Creams You Can Order Right To Your Door

Ice cream is one of those foods that elicits a fanatical following. Sure, you can buy the frozen dessert at just about every grocery store or corner market, but that doesn't stop people from going great lengths to get their favorite variety. The artisanal food revolution of the past few decades has kicked regional, small-batch ice cream into overdrive. Now, just about every city (and town) has a spot with long lines and one-of-a-kind flavors. That usually means — thanks to ice cream's status of being, well, frozen — if you're not nearby you simple have to fantasize about that perfect, just of our reach, scoop.
However, thanks to the miracle of snail mail (and lots of dry ice), there are some creameries and ice cream shops that will mail nationwide. You don't have to be in Brooklyn to enjoy Ooey Gooey Butter Cake from Ample Hills, or L.A. to get a scoop of McConnell's cookies and cream. And while you'll often pay a premium to get a pint or six shipped cross-country for you, there are some things — like the ultimate hot fudge sundae — that just might be worth it.
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Graeter's has been churning out ice cream since 1870, but that doesn't mean the flavors are old-fashioned. You can customize your six-pack to include classics like chocolate chip cookie dough as well as more modern favorites like salted caramel.

Graeter's Create A Six-Pack, $79.95, available at Graeter's.
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Forget sourdough: ice cream might be San Fransisco's true claim to culinary fame. There are no shortage of beloved ice cream stores with lines regularly out the door. Humphrey Slocombe's line of cleverly named, delectable scoops are no exception. We especially love "Secret Breakfast," which includes cornflakes and bourbon.

Humphrey Slocombe Secret Breakfast (6 Pints), $89, available at Goldbely.
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In 15 short years, Jeni's has rocketed from local scoop shop to bonafide dessert institution. Thankfully, you don't have to be near one of the (ever-growing) locations to snag a pint of your very own.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Top Sellers Pint Collection, $55, available at Jeni's.
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Coolhaus not only ships pints nationwide (in fun flavors like Dirty Mint Chip and Fig & Balsamic Mascarpone), but you can also snag its signature architecturally-inspired sandwich combos, including a range of cookie and ice cream flavors, no ice cream scoop required!

Coolhaus Sammie Six-Pack, $59.99, available at Coolhaus.
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Ample Hills has Brooklyn in its DNA — after all, the name is a reference to a Walt Whitman poem where he mused on the beauty of the borough. Experience its standby favorites like Ooey-Gooey Butter Cake yourself, and you may be inspired to write an ode of your very own.

Ample Hills Our Classics Four-Pack, $36, available at Ample Hills.
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McConnell's beloved pints are available a la carte, meaning you can enjoy them a la mode in your own home starting at just $12.

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams Double Peanut Butter Chip, $12, available at McConnell's.
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Van Leeuwen's vegan ice cream offerings have legions of fans that include the non-vegan and non-lactose intolerant. Experience the miracle for yourself with their "vegan 101" tasting set.

Van Leeuwen Intro To Vegan 101, $44, available at Van Leeuwen.
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An internet-only Shark Tank favorite, eCreamery allows users to customize their own pints and messages, or choose from one of their pre-made collections.

eCreamery Hello Summer Premium Collection, $54.99, available at eCreamery.
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photo: courtesy of Haley D. Williams
Talk about ice cream all grown-up. Tipsy Scoop's ice cream is 5% alcohol by volume and while a single serving might not actually get you all the way to tipsy, we think its a perfect way to combine dessert and an after-dinner drink.

Tipsy Scoop Spring Fever Boozy Ice Cream (Four Pints), $99, available at Goldbely.
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Sweet Rose's rotating list of seasonal confections are the brainchild of Shiho Yoshikawa, the head chef since the founding of the creamery in 2010. She takes her inspiration from the local farmers markets in L.A., but thankfully we can enjoy the fresh flavors of Southern California anywhere in the U.S.

Sweet Rose Seasonal Pint Pack, $59, available at Sweet Rose.