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This Is How You Pop That Champagne Bottle

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As fun as it is to watch a stream of Champagne fly into the air (like in every movie, ever), it really isn't a blast to have sticky residue all over your couch the next morning. Opening a bottle of bubbly is pretty much a cinch. If you've never done it before — and there's no shame in that — there's no time like NYE to start poppin' like a pro. Cheers!
Step 1: Chill the bottle in an ice-water bucket.
Step 2: Dry with a dish towel to get a firm grip.
Step 3: Peel off the foil.
Step 4: Angle the bottle at 45 degrees and grip the neck so your thumb is pressing firmly on the cork.
Step 5: Twist open the wire cage, but keep your thumb on that cork.
Step 6: Rotate the Champagne bottle until the cork pops.
Step 7: Pour the Champagne into flutes.

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How To Open A Champagne BottleReleased on December 30, 2014