This Secret Ingredient Will Take Your Guac To The Next Level

Photo: Courtesy of Gaby Dalkin/What's Gaby Cooking.
Fun fact: Today is national guacamole day! Since we take our Mexican food seriously here in L.A., we tapped local food blogger — and self-proclaimed "Queen of Guacamole" — Gaby Dalkin of What's Gaby Cooking to spill her yummiest guac recipe in celebration of this glorious holiday.

Her guac secret: Goat cheese. That's right, the ingredient you normally reserve for pizza and salad is just the thing your dip is missing. "It has the citrus taste that you love from any guacamole recipe," she says. "But the tangy flavor from the goat cheese is everything. It's the perfect complement to the creamy avocado."

And, kitchen newbies need not worry, because the recipe is easy-as-pie and only takes five to ten minutes to whip up. You should keep one thing in mind at the grocery store, however: "The key to making the best guacamole is picking perfect avocados," she says. "You need avocados that are just perfectly ripe. Not too firm, and not too squishy."

Click through for Gaby's directions — you're just five simple steps away from your new signature appetizer.