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A Cut Above

A Cut Above - Episode 2

This Hack Will Improve Your Summer Snacking

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There's an easier way to eat fresh watermelon than buying expensive containers of mushy pre-cut chunks or just smashing one open on your driveway. This 10-pound orb can seem unwieldy, but with a few well-placed slices you can have even cubes with little effort. Pick your sharpest chef's knife or serrated knife, and get ready to savor summer's last melony goodness. Stay tuned for the next chopping tutorial: the mighty mango. And, conquer pineapple cutting, here. Step 1: Buy a watermelon. Step 2: First remove the top and bottom of the watermelon with a large chef's or serrated knife. Step 3: Halve the watermelon with a vertical slice. Step 4: Following the curve of the fruit, cut the skin off in vertical slices. Step 5: Cut the watermelon crosswise into slabs Step 6: Turn the slabs so they are laying flat on the cutting board Step 7: Working on one or two slabs at a time, cut into long pieces and then into slices or cubes.