The Fitness Influencers You Should Follow On Instagram

photographed by Erin Yamagata; produced by Sam Nodelman; modeled by Victoria Gomez.
You're idly swiping through Instagram stories first thing in the morning, when you end up transfixed by some random person's workout routine. Perhaps through osmosis, you finish watching their story and feel like maybe you should go work out, too. Next thing you know, you're at the gym taking selfies of your own workout.
Sure, there are far too many accounts on Instagram that perpetuate unrealistic ideals of health and fitness. But there are also lots of regular people who post workout photos, videos, and tips that are down-to-earth and maybe even inspiring.
Whether you want to discover the trendy new workout class in your city, or are searching for a pair of high-tech workout leggings, chances are these fitness influencers will help guide you through your goals. Some of these influencers are legit certified trainers, and some of them are just cool people who are passionate about fitness. Go ahead and smash that follow button — then, smash your own workout.
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Best day ever w the team @outdoorvoices #doingthings

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Ty Haney, the CEO and founder of Outdoor Voices, definitely lives her brand's motto, "doing things." Whether she's hiking with her dog or drawing inspiration for the next leggings launch, you can find snapshots of Haney's active life on her Instagram.
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Hannah Bronfman is the queen of self care, trendy workouts, and athleisure. While she's from New York City, Bronfman often travels around the world to test the latest innovations in fitness.
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Akin Akman got his start as an instructor at SoulCycle, where he was sought after for his fast-paced classes. Now, he's still teaching at Soul, but also hosts bootcamp classes called Akin's Army, and is a Nike Master Trainer. Follow his Instagram page to keep up with all the exciting workshops and classes he has happening.
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Based in Brooklyn, Morit Summers is a NSCA-certified personal trainer whose feed is full of body positivity, health-at-any-size advice, and weight-lifting videos. Not only is Summers an impressive athlete on her own, but she also trains celebs like Danielle Brooks.
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🔥 This one is a killer: no gym equipment, just your body. Let it burn: •Perform each move for one whole minute. Go for as many reps are you can (pace yourself if you’re a beginner, but if you are more advanced, go Beastmode. Rest for 30 seconds Perform three sets of each. 🔥 🎶 @bep ”dont stop the party”. This targets your lower half in all planes of motion. You will work inner thighs, glutes, calves, hamstrings and quads. If you’re in the gym and don’t know what to do, I recommend you to get familiar with your own body before starting to use machines or fancy equipment. I promise your legs will be sore, with proper nutrition and rest you’ll build muscle and if this doesn’t have you sweating, then you’re a robot. This will burn tons of calories. I challenge @mawarriors to include this routine tomorrow for optional leg day! Let’s go tribe! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #workout #workoutmotivation #legworkout #legday #glutes #c9 _____________________________________________________________ Esta rutina esta a puro 🔥 No necesitas mas que tu cuerpo y trabajaras todos los músculos de las piernas incluyendo los muslos internos y los cocos 😜☝🏽 •Realiza tantas repeticiones como puedas por un minuto completo. Descansa por 30 segundos y repite el otro lado. Tienes tres rondas por cada ejercicio. DALE! Muchas personas creen que las máquinas son mejor que utilizar su propio cuerpo. Si sabes cómo combinar ciertos ejercicios y usar diferentes técnicas de entrenamiento, verás grandiosos resultados. Trata esta rutina y dime que tal te va! Dale! #hijadecristo

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Massiel Indhira Arias is a bilingual trainer in Los Angeles who's famous for her creative and occasionally acrobatic workouts. Her page is full of quick gym videos and snapshots of her very adorable kid. (And every caption is translated into Spanish.)
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If you're someone who loves a good yoga flow in the middle of your kitchen, you'll relate to Morgan, aka The Southern Yogi. She posts jaw-dropping videos of her at-home yoga flows, which often feature twisted handstand variations and other inversions.
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When you're feeling down and want some no-B.S. motivation, turn to Alex Silver-Fagan. Silver-Fagan is a certified personal trainer in New York City, and specializes in functional fitness and yoga. Some of her posts seem superhuman, but she's grounded and full of wisdom.