The Raddest Multiple Ear Piercing Combinations To Copy Now

Photo: Courtesy of Brian Keith Thompson.
The great '90s beauty revival of the past few years brought back a lot of trends in their original forms: space buns, glittery eyeshadow, brown lipstick, and so much more. But there are just as many comebacks that arrived with a modern twist, like multiple ear piercings. Don’t get us wrong, cartilage piercings were unique back then, but a stronghold of the '90s piercing craze was missing a major ingredient: cute jewelry.
Thank the Catbird craze, but industrial-looking barbells, lackluster studs, and plugs have been replaced by dainty pieces in gold and platinum, with a touch of bling to boot. Pair this sweet update with a surge in daith, helix, and constellation piercings and the trend has taken on a whole new currency.
What’s more, there are plenty of ways to get in on the action. Love the look of an ear cuff enough to rock it every day? Try an orbital piercing. Have crawlers been your go-to for the past three seasons? Consider a helix piercing done with similarly-shaped jewelry.
Ahead, we share the coolest cartilage piercings dreamt up every which way. Warning: Just like tattoos, stopping at one may be tough.
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This repetition of conch, industrial, cartilage, tragus, and lobe piercings — all in uniform black — makes a stylish statement.
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A stunning row of simple clickers. 📷@thumahmed #mariatash #goldjewelry

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A simple cartilage piercing at the top of the ear is the perfect place to host another hoop.
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Ear porn (not all my work)

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Another case of uniformity: this series of silver studs look fresh against an everyday collection of constellation piercings.
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She's got a cute little Maria Tash butterfly in her tragus #MariaTash #Tragus done by the talented @bentauber

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What better way to accentuate a tragus piercing than with a butterfly made of gold?
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Triple cartilage piercing #cartilagepiercing #piercing #massachusetts

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We love the simplicity of this series of studs.
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This daith piercing may be adorned with a cobweb, but it’s giving us major ear jacket vibes.
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JCS X Sarah & Sebastian | 👂🏻 @m_i_s_o_ 📸 @michaelnaumoff | cc @the_file @kodacutters_bondi

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The ear cuff look gets permanent props, thanks to this orbital piercing.
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By BKT. #BodyElectricTattoo #BrianKeithThompson

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An arrow laced through the ear gives the traditional industrial piercing an extra dose of cute
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Don’t you love the way this conch piercing perfectly aligns with with the cartilage piercing above?
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We love illusion that this piercing’s chains create: it makes one cartilage piercing look as if there are a cluster of four.
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