15 Black-Owned Beauty Brands To Get Familiar With

If you've somehow glossed over this fact: It's Black History Month (although, we're pretty sure Beyoncé made that abundantly clear for all parties). It's a time for African-Americans to celebrate and reflect on our history and remember the trailblazers who have helped to get us to where we are today — from civil rights leaders to athletes, and yes, even to beauty entrepreneurs.

The cosmetics industry has grossly underestimated the buying power of the Black consumer (more on that to come). So many of those consumers became businesspeople, creating brands that address the beauty and grooming needs of women of color.

From hair care to makeup to skin care, we take a look at the Black-owned brands that have made their way onto the beauty scene (you can read this for more background on some of the entrepreneurs) — some old, some new, all worth checking out. We may be highlighting them now in honor of Black History Month, but you should definitely keep these brands in mind for your purchases all year round.