What Your Birthstone Says About YOU

You can tell a lot about a person by what jewelry they wear — are they a minimalist who prefers the finer things in life? A total brand-conscious believer of tradition and status symbols? Or are the kind of person who only loves the kind of things that other people don't? Think about it: You can totally suss out these conclusions based on someone's rings or what necklace they're wearing.

And if you compound that with knowledge about what month their birthday falls in, you can basically call yourself Susan Miller. After all, birthstones are heaped with meaning (whether or not you choose to believe in them). If you want to wear your traits loud and proud, sporting your birthstone is one way to do it. Click on to see our pick for your birth month and get a glimpse of what your birthstone says about you.

What Your Birthstone Really Means
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The Month: January
The Stone: Garnet
Your first priority: Work, work, work

Those born in the month of January can be more money-conscious than most. It goes hand in hand with their other traits of being organized, hardworking, and productive. There's no question that work is a January girl's top priority. So you'll want to flaunt your birthstone in the form of an understated stacker that goes well with the delicate rings you already wear — the ones that don't get in the way of Getting Shit Done at the office.

Wolf + Badger Lara Double Twist Garnet Ring, $199, available at Wolf + Badger.
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The Month: February
The Stone: Amethyst
Where to find you on a Friday night: A first date via Bumble

February-borns are attractive, clever, and — yes — sexy. So what better way to own your amethyst birthstone than a cuff to peek out when you tuck your hair behind your ear? You're a romantic, but are too level-headed to fall for Tinder; Bumble is your app of choice.

Jacquie Aiche 4 Amethyst Teardrop Ear Cuff, $1,625, available at Jacquie Aiche.
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The Month: March
The Stone: Aquamarine
How you're spending your tax refund: Putting it toward your solo backpacking trip

Since those born in March tend to love travel, dreaming, and fantasizing, you'll be drawn to some wear-every-day studs that can be worn constantly through that backpacking trip you're planning. You're observant and love special things, but you're not always sociable, so nothing will do you better than a solo trip of peace and exploration.

Aquamarine Prong Studs, $162, available at giantlion.
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The Month: April
The Stone: Diamond
Where all your spending money goes: Shows and music festivals

Adventurous, active, dynamic: These are a few words that describe April-born ladies, so this interesting take on stacking rings will be the ultimate accessory for traveling to many a show and music festival, which is obviously what your adventure-seeking side spends that extra dough on.

Hortense Set of Cube Rings, $365, available at Hortense.
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The Month: May
The Stone: Emerald
How you spend your weekends: Brunching with girlfriends

If you're born in May, chances are you're like a magnet to others (and you totally love the attention, too). You can't remember the last time you were alone on the weekends, which is good, because you kind of hate being home. Wear these unique studs for all your social-butterfly Saturday plans.

Mociun Moon Ray Emerald Studs, $400, available at Mociun.
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The Month: June
The Stone: Pearl
Guilty pleasure: Trying on everything at Barneys

June-borns can be hesitant by nature, but they still love playing dress up and indulging in the finer things in life. So you'll need a birthstone ring that reflects your good taste. This sophisticated pearl one has your name all over it.

Vita Fede Ultra Mini V Ring, $240, available at Shopbop.
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The Month: July
The Stone: Ruby
What time you wake up on the weekdays: 6 a.m.

You're quiet, sharp, and love some alone time, which is why you get up early on the weekdays for some good old-fashioned "me" time. Catch up on magazines, meditation, and studying all while wearing these dainty, yet red-hot, ruby earrings that are subtle, sure, but also full of life.

n+a new york
E055, $190, available at n+a new york.
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The Month: August
The Stone: Peridot
Where you take family when they come to visit: The art museum

August babies are usually caring, observant, and talented in the arts. Your independent thoughts and strong leadership qualities mean you're the ultimate tour guide for the coolest museums when your fam comes to town. If you plan on sporting your birthstone, go for a choker that's equal parts artsy and unique.

Sylvania's Ponte Choker, $315, available at Bona Drag.
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Month: September
The Stone: Sapphire
Favorite extra-curricular: Monthly book clubs

Where do your stubbornness, confidence, and good memory come in handy? At your monthly book club meetings, of course, and these birthstone earrings are the ideal accessory for showing you mean business.

Trillion blue sapphire earrings, $666, available at Catbird.
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Month: October
The Stone: Opal
Dream career: Working for yourself

Deep down, you can't ignore your entrepreneurial tendencies — your knack for chatting with people, daydreaming, making decisions, and not caring what other people think will all pay off when you finally start your own business. But until then, wear an opal necklace that sparkles just as much as you do.

La Kaiser
3 Wishes Opal and Diamond Pendant Necklace, $115, available at Local Eclectic.
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The Month: November
The Stone: Citrine
Your idea of a perfect gift: A SoulCycle gift card

If you were born in November, you know just how determined, sharp-minded, and self-motivated you are, which is why nothing will ever separate you and a good workout. These citrine earrings have just as bright an energy as you do after you sweat it out at SoulCycle.

Melissa Joy Manning Citrine Post Earrings With Chain Wrap, $300, available at Melissa Joy Manning.
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The Month: December
The Stone: Blue Topaz
What you're looking forward to next summer: The family reunion

December-borns tend to be loyal and love socializing. If that's you, you're counting down the days until that huge family reunion where you'll be laughing, joking, and playing games like a kid again with your closest (and not-as-close) family members.

Sara Lasry
Double Side Topaz Ring, $380, available at Opening Ceremony.

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