29 Containers Every Millennial Needs & Where To Buy Them

What's the worst part of cooking at home? Dealing with leftovers. Packaging food is a pain in the ass and sometimes, we straight up just don't want to deal with the aftermath of dinner. When space, time, and efficiency are always top of mind, we need containers that will honor this trifecta.

It's time to say goodbye to mismatched lids and crammed cabinets and hello to sleek bento boxes, bread bins, cookie movers, and more. We've rounded up 29 next-level containers to fit your every meal storage need.

Read on and make your lives a little easier (and more eco-friendly).
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Lunch Bowl
These colorful bowls are leak-proof and microwave-safe — therefore, the perfect desk-lunch vessels.
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Cookie Mover
Never again will we shed another tear over a crumbled cookie.
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Food-To-Go Jar
We already love the lunch-in-a-jar movement — but this built-in dressing compartment just took things to the next level.
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Dip N' Dunk
I believe we call this killing two birds with one stone — or snacking 2.0.
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Bodum White Bread Box
When we aren't storing our loaves in the freezer, this bread box is a sleek option for keeping things fresh.
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Lifefactory 2 Cup Container
Lifefactory's container is colorful, durable, AND made of eco-friendly materials.
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Produce Bags
Color-coded bags for all of your produce purchases (just throw in the wash to clean and reuse).
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Round Collapse-It
Collapsible containers to solve all your limited kitchen-space woes.
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Wrap & Roll Food Mover
Say goodbye to wasteful aluminum foil and hello to these brilliant wrap-and-roll containers.
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Weck Saftflasche Jars
Try storing your homemade soups in these pourable Weck jars instead of clunky rectangular containers.
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Pyrex Ultimate 1 Cup
These multicolored glass containers are storage perfection — oven, dishwasher, freezer, AND microwave safe.
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Glass Herb Keeper
Lovely to look at and practical to use — a true win-win.
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Lidded Glass Bowl
Store your leftovers in style with this lovely floral container.
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Pop Container Set
When cabinet space is limited, these stackable pop containers are perfect for keeping snacks fresh.
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Aladdin Collapsible Bowl Set
These cute collapsible bowls are the perfect take-your-leftovers-to-work containers.
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Deli Container
Don't have a deli drawer in your tiny fridge? This nifty box does the trick.
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3-Compartment Lunch Bento Box
These reusable and portable bento boxes are packed-lunch perfection.
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Shallow Food Keeper
Who knew shallow food keepers even existed?! We'll take 20, please.
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Weck Canning Jars
Weck has become a trendy staple in the jar scene — buy a dozen and jar anything, from snacks to soups and salads.
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Pocket-Size Salt & Pepper Shaker
This pocket-sized shaker is your savior for under-seasoned meals on the go.
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OXO Geensaver Produce Keepers
These nifty boxes contain carbon coconut filters to keep your fruits and veggies nice and fresh.
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Thermostone Reseal
These blue beauties are container gold — lovely enough to set on a table and durable enough to bake, freeze, and then reheat all over again.
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Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit
Make packing containers fun with stackable options from Rubbermaid.
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Berry Box Colanders
These multicolored berry baskets are made of porcelain — so you can kiss those plastic cartons goodbye.
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Pyrex Storage Plus 4 Cup
Pyrex's designed editions are a reliable complement to any kitchen decor.
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Anchor TrueSeal Set
This set covers all the multipurpose container bases: stain-resistant with an airtight seal AND dishwasher-safe.
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Klip-It Lunch Cube-To-Go
Klip-It's clear and sturdy lunch cubes pay sophisticated homage to our elementary school pencil boxes.
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Stainless Steel Nesting Trio
These leak-proof tins are sleek, portable, and storable.
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2-Tier Bento Box
The 2-tier bento box has just literally turned your leftovers into a multi-layered lunch.
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