7 Essential Oil Diffusers With The Power To Change Your Room's Energy

If you're looking to boost your spirits and you've already tired of your trendy aromatherapy necklace and burned through your most soothing candles, it's high time you gave an essential oil diffuser a try.
Although these machines come in several different varieties, their purpose remains the same: to disperse an essential oil's fragrance through the air. By simply breathing the air, aromatherapists and holistic health practitioners believe that you can absorb the oil's properties, from relaxing lavender to energizing peppermint. (Not sure what you're looking for? Check out our guide to essential oils and their properties.)
For the record: A few small studies have found that certain diffused essential oils can help repel bugs and decrease anxiety, but the research on aromatherapy's health benefits remains relatively limited. That said, a great-smelling home never hurt anyone.
Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite diffusers for anyone looking to imbue their living space with the restorative vibes of their choice, whether they're relaxing or invigorating ones. Read on to figure out which diffuser is right for you.
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The Beginner's Diffuser

This diffuser is about as straightforward as they come. Ultra-quiet and compact, it can infuse a room with a scent of your choice for over six hours. And, if you're a total newbie to essential oils in general, this diffuser comes with three different oil blends to get you started.
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The Illuminated Diffuser

This diffuser disperses a blend of water and the oil of your choice into the air, making it great for drier environments or the winter months. When it runs out of water, it shuts itself off. In other words, this is the perfect diffuser for anyone who wants their home to smell great but is a little forgetful.
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The Ceramic Diffuser

This handcrafted diffuser is the only one on our list that doesn't use electric or battery power. Instead, simply place a lit candle in the base and add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the upper reservoir. Just make sure that the oil and the flame never meet.
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The Nebulizing Diffuser

Nebulizing diffusers are said to keep essential oils in their "purest" form while dispersing them, which basically means that this variety of diffuser doesn't dilute or break down oils to the extent that others do. With that in mind, this isn't a great pick if your favorite oils tend to be thicker or more viscous (like vetiver oil), as these can easily clog nebulizing diffusers.
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The Aesthetic Diffuser

This diffuser's glass body is treated to resemble obsidian, a crystal believed to ward off negativity. Whether or not it works as well as the real thing, one thing's for sure: This diffuser will look great on your shelf.
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The Desk-Friendly Diffuser

Not only does this diffuser fit in the palm of your hand, you can run it off a USB power source. If you need a calming scent to get through your workday (and your nearby deskmates don't mind a little fragrance in the air), this near-silent diffuser is a great choice.
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The Upscale Diffuser

This diffuser has several different misting modes and can disperse scents in a radius as wide as 1,000 square feet. And its wooden base and handblown glass body make this an especially elegant pick for your home or office.