Everyone Is Making The Same Joke About Justin Timberlake’s New Album

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After four years, Justin Timberlake is releasing a new album, and it seems like a lot has changed since The 20/20 Experience. The typically dance-y, R&B singer, who will be performing at this year's Super Bowl, has pivoted to something a little more earthy, with a new song coming January 5 and full album, Man Of The Woods, February 2. Twitter is taking this in stride with measured and reasonable reactions to the change. Just kidding. Everyone is making the same joke over and over again.

Thanks to the promotional video Timberlake released with the announcement, we get a pretty healthy glimpse of what to expect from Man Of The Woods, and fans of musicians like Mumford and Sons and Bon Iver will likely find themselves stanning JT come February. This is a pretty dramatic shift, so understandably, people were a little bit shocked.

"What in american eagle window displays is justin timberlake doing?" one fan asked.

"Good news justin timberlake thinks he invented both audiovisuals and bon iver," BuzzFeed writer Scaachi Koul wrote.

"So ur telling me justin timberlake went camping once and now he's a mumford and/or son?" social media strategist Amy Rose Brown wrote.

"Why does Justin Timberlake’s new album look like a scene from Brokeback Mountain?" another fan asked.

However, just because people were joking doesn't mean they weren't excited.

"Justin Timberlake is really gonna put some 808s and a swing on up north expensive cocaine cabinet music," wrote one fan. "I’m ready and present."

As for everyone else, they're just ready for the jokes to be over.

"Happy Everyone is Making the Same 'Justin Timberlake Listened to Bon Iver' Joke Day!!!!!!!!!!!"

Let's not forget, Timberlake did a pretty good job playing Bon Iver on Saturday Night Live all the way back in 2012. Who knows, maybe he was inspired.

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If you think today's bad, then just wait until the first single comes out on January 5. Watch the promotional video below!

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