These Manicures Will Have Your Heart Long After Valentine's Day

Photographed by Tegan Davis.
If you're one of the six million people who, according to CNN, expect a marriage proposal come February 14, there are a few things you can do to prepare. First, ask yourself if this is really what you want. If your answer is yes, then it's time to book a manicure.
Call it cliché, vain, or presumptuous all you want — it's a move everyone has thought about at least once. So if you're getting a ring like Cardi B this year, remember that there's nothing wrong with wanting your requisite Facebook photos to look good. But if you're after something a little more timeless than the traditional heart-shaped nail art you'll normally find on this holiday, stick with us.
Ahead, we've rounded up the coolest Valentine's Day-themed manicures to bring to your salon appointment. Best-case scenario: You lock down your soulmate. Worst-case scenario: You're left with a really rad mani.
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Like French tips — with a sweet twist. Ask for glitter to top off your nearly naked mani to lend nails a pop of color no one else will have.
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This manicure is called The Side-Eye for a reason. It's perfect for the moments after the dreamy proposal... when you actually have to plan the wedding.
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It's hard to ever go wrong with such a classic nail color. Bonus: No one will ever suspect you just love Valentine's Day that much.
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When you want the bling on your ring to shine, go for a brown or neutral shade that'll make it truly pop. Not only is it classic, but when it chips no one will ever be able to tell.
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These red studs are a subtle nod to the romantic holiday without going overboard.
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This minimalistic design is just what you need if you can't help but wear the popular V-Day color combination.
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No one can deny that on Valentine's Day, ombré nails look much better pink.
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Three words, three syllables, three dots: I love you. This mani is the non-cheesy way of saying you're about to commit to one person forever.
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Even if you don't get the ring (or even wanted it in the first place), you can always get the diamond nail art.
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A graphic design that's on-point in more ways than one.
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Jewelry isn't the only thing that has to sparkle this year.
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Dying over this Commes des Garçons-inspired mani? There's a nail-art tutorial for that.
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