Cookie Monster Will Teach Kids About Cooking & Healthy Eating On This Genius New Show

Photo: Brian Killian/WireImage/Getty Images
There are a few ways to help kids eat better. You could try to hide vegetables in their favorite meals (a life hack that I use to this day on myself) or you could teach them how to appreciate healthy food from a young age. Now, a new TV program wants to do some of that hard work for you. According to Food & Wine, Cookie Monster is getting his own cooking show within Sesame Street and it's all about food appreciation.
It's only fitting that this cooking-centric Sesame Street segment features Cookie Monster, who, as fans may know, became a fan of healthy eating about a decade ago. (He now considers cookies a "sometimes food," but it was a little late to rebrand him the Cookie In Moderation Monster.) The Sesame Street segment will also reportedly star new monster Gonger, who operates a food truck alongside his fuzzy blue friend.
According to Food & Wine, in each episode, the two monsters will get a call from a child who wants them to craft a particular meal. In order to do so, Gonger and Cookie Monster will travel around the world in order to get their food straight-from-the-source. In fact, Brown Johnson, EVP and Creative Director of Sesame Workshop, says that these "video field trips" will resemble the early days of Sesame Street, when viewers got a glimpse into happenings around the world.
"The video field trips to farms and factories are reminiscent of classic Sesame Street, and Cookie Monster — an enduring favorite with fans of all ages—is the original food fanatic," said Johnson in a statement. "Who better to teach kids how food gets to their plates, putting a Sesame spin on the food truck culture that’s unfolding in communities across the country?"
Here's hoping we get at least one healthier cookie recipe from the OG foodie.