The Next Project From The Fixer Upper Stars May Make You Hungry

Earlier this week, we found out that the shiplap lovefest Fixer Upper was coming to an end after five seasons. But Chip and Joanna fans need not despair because we also found out over the weekend that a Magnolia Table cookbook is just around the corner.
Over the weekend, Joanna shared a picture on Instagram of her digging into some of the food we can expect in the book. “After a week long photoshoot for our cookbook, celebrating with some homemade mac n cheese and brownie pie just feels right,” she wrote.
It isn’t the first culinary endeavor from the couple. Their store, Magnolia Market, has already grown to include everything from food trucks to a bakery. Then, in June, they announced they were expanding to a full-service restaurant, Magnolia Table. But short of going to Waco, there was no way to experience the Gaines’ elevated Southern comfort food. That is, of course, until the cookbook comes out some time in the near future.
In an age where plenty of celebrities are authoring cookbooks, its almost expected that anyone with a social following or TV show might eventually come out with their own. The top-selling cookbooks of 2016 included new releases from foodie favorites like Ina Garten and Chrissy Teigen, as well as people who got their start blogging, like Ree Drummon and Ali Maffucci of "Inspiralized."
Not only is Fixer-Upper a runaway hit, but Joanna already has 5.3 million Instagram followers with whom she frequently shares her food snaps. While we have yet to get an exact pub date on the Magnolia Table Cookbook, we already imagine it will be breaking best-selling lists whenever it comes out. At the very least, it will be a way to get a part of the family's sun-soaked, rustic-chic ascetic without booking a ticket to central Texas.
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