How To Turn Rihanna's Most Memorable GIFs Into A Halloween Costume

Photo: Le Segretain/Getty Images/Dior.
Compared to the most dedicated Halloween fanatics — I’m looking at you, Heidi Klum — you’re already behind if you’ve only just now started thinking seriously about your Halloween costume. Luckily for you, R29 has got you covered with some inspiration for the holiday that allows you to finally be someone else — if only for a night.
And with a golden opportunity like this right at your fingertips: Who wouldn’t want to be Rihanna? I typically shoot to embody Rihanna on a spiritual and mental level every day. She’s always a mood. And in addition to making hits that we didn’t know we needed, Rihanna is also known to serve bold, iconic looks everywhere she goes. After this thorough investigation from Arianna Davis, I’m convinced the Bajan star singlehandedly invented nipples.
Rihanna’s visibility extends beyond the glitz and glamour of her album covers and red carpet appearances, though. She is also a meme queen and a GIF goddess, often articulating our emotions better than we can. As I’ve said before, she’s a mood — which also presents a lot of fun opportunities for your Halloween costumes.
Instead of picking something traditional, try going as one of these Rihanna GIFs. But first, a warning: You can channel Rihanna all you like, but Blackface is never acceptable. Don't do it.
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Side Eye Rihanna
There are plenty of gifs of Rihanna side eyeing, but this one is perfect for a "girl on the go" look. With straight red hair and a matching headscarf tied to the back, Rih was oozing casual glam as she judged someone to her left. Grab your own vintage Sex Pistols t-shirt, and you too can throw shade like a pro.
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Twerking Rihanna
People have long ago sourced the Dimepiece dashiki shirt that Rihanna wore on vacation. It allowed ample room for lots of twerking, and that’s exactly what she did. Pair it with this wavy wig for the full effect.

But make sure the wig is secure. With this get-up, the look doesn’t come together until you hit the moves, so be ready to keep your hands on your knees all night, and flip that hair!
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Over Your Bullshit Rihanna
When you’re incredulous, completely over a conversation, or so bewildered by the topic at hand that you’re not even willing to start a conversation, this GIF is appropriate. Ironically, it’s also the easiest costume to pull off.

All you’ll need is a black cami, a flowing waves, a cardboard box or makeshift screen painted black, and a lot of practice making this face.
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Met Gala 2016 Rihanna
If you thought you could never pull off the infamous look that earned Rihanna the title Queen of the Met Gala, you’re wrong. It’s all in the details. Before you get your hopes up: No, there is not an exact replica of her flowing yellow gown. However, this quinceñera dress will do. Amazon, meanwhile, has a bright yellow shawl for you to wrap around yourself to recreate her off-the-shoulder look. But our work is not done yet.

You’ll need a short flip wig and this one looks perfect. And don’t forget your headpiece!
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CFDA Icon Rihanna
Remember when I said that Rihanna invented nipples? In 2014, she perfected them. Honored with that year’s CFDA Icon award, Rihanna showed up to the event in a sheer Adam Selman dress sans bra and covered in Swarovski crystals. The internet officially broke. After accepting her award Rih bounced into a suite, celebrating herself, hiking the dress up, and doing a little jig. What is life without balance? Anyway, I’ve figured out a way to nail this look for Halloween.

This dress from Chic Look is a perfect stand-in, especially if you pair it with a du-rag of similar fabric. You could probably make one of your own. Don’t you dare wear a bra.
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“BBHMM” Rihanna
Rihanna is all about taking risks. If you really want to go for it, try recreating the final scene from her “BBHMM” music video — the one where she has finally exacted revenge against the bastard that stole from her and is now laying atop a trunk full of money while completely nude and covered in blood. Find some flesh-colored undies and cover yourself in Benjamins and fake blood. Or, if you’re in a space where you won’t be arrested, go in your birthday suit like Rih did.
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