Where We Left Off With The TV Rom-Com We Deserve, You're The Worst

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As a TV journalist, the moment people find out what I do all day, they ask me, “What’s your favorite show?” Yes, I love Game Of Thrones and have dedicated countless hours of my life to writing about it, but the HBO epic is never my answer. Instead, I immediately blurt out, "You’re The Worst." I love the twisted, alarmingly honest love story of terrible people Gretchen Cutler (Aya Cash) and Jimmy Shive-Overly (Chris Geere). So, this week is almost like a holiday to me, as the perfect FXX anti-rom-com returns on Wednesday, September 6, for season 4.
The debut is especially exciting since it often feels like the comedy, like most beloved cable shows, only airs new episodes for about three seconds per-year. It’s been so long since fans received a new installment of Worst, if a baby was conceived on the day of the season 3 finale, “No Longer Just Us,” it would currently be very much born and preparing to celebrate its first month of life. That’s a long time.
Considering just how long You’re The Worst’s hiatus is, it seemed high time for a refresher on where we left off with sometimes well-meaning, lovable garbage people Gretchen, Jimmy, Lindsay Jillian (Kether Donohue), and Edgar Quintero (Desmin Borges), who for the record is the least awful person in the entire Worst world. Keep reading for the cringe-worthy walk down memory lane.
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Photo: Courtesy of FX.
Gretchen Cutler

If there is one 2016 scripted TV moment I would like to block from my brain forever, it’s the moment Gretchen is abandoned in the Hollywood hills seconds after her boyfriend Jimmy proposes. The scene is all the more terrible considering the proposal is essentially the happiest we’ve ever seen Gretchen. That's because Jimmy “created” a murder mystery for her to obsess over, complete with fake news articles, tweets, a spray-painted rocks — for a true crime fanatic like Gretchen, this is the height of romance.

“You lost your dad, but you gained me,” she tells Jimmy, losing all sense of irony or detached hipster cool for once. “We’re a family. That’s pretty cool, right?” Gretchen continues to smile, laugh to herself, and admire her ring as the Hollywood Bowl fireworks go off behind her; it’s the picture of in-love bliss. Watching her face fall as she realizes Jimmy is literally speeding away from her in the middle of the night is heartbreaking.

Somehow, all of this is made even sadder thanks to the knowledge Gretchen fought a shockingly-honest-for-TV battle with depression in season 2 and finally started to seek help in season 3. She tried different meditation techniques, including in-car masturbation, of course, and started regularly seeing a therapist. Seeing Jimmy likely flush all of that progress down the toilet in the worst bait-and-switch of all time is horrifying.

As the season 4 trailer shows, Gretchen isn’t doing well after her abandonment. It seems she moved into best friend Lindsay’s apartment immediately after the proposal debacle, refuses to leave, and has started using crack to deal with her emotional trauma.
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Jimmy Shive-Overly

Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. As we said, Jimmy makes the snap decision to abandon Gretchen moments after asking her to be his wife. As a writer, Jimmy’s proposal is heartfelt, self-aggrandizing, and surprisingly romantic. “Gretchen, extraordinary, confounding Gretchen. She who emits more energy than a dying galaxy, despite not washing her legs. Together we transcend the mundanity down there,” he says on one knee. “Separate it shall eventually consume us, and turn us as mundane as them. And to allow that to happen simply because we were scared would be a criminal act.”

But, that’s exactly what happens: Jimmy gets scared. The moment Gretchen says they’re “a family” now, as opposed to some nebulous couple, a switch goes off in Jimmy’s brain, telling him to run. A lot of Worst season 3 deals with Jimmy reaction to his estranged father’s death. He tries to pretend he’s happy Ronny (David Schaal) is gone forever, but eventually breaks down and realizes his entire life was a reaction to his father. This forces him to question who he actually is. On top of that, family has only meant grief to Jimmy. Obviously, he doesn’t want to start that entire process over again with Gretchen, even though he loves her. Hence, he gets terrified and ditches her, committing the exact criminal act he just swore he never would.

Although Gretchen is slowly nurturing a case of agoraphobia in season 4, it doesn’t look like Jimmy is doing much better. The promos show Jimmy fled L.A. after abandoning his almost-fiancée and now lives in a trailer park, with a surly old man acting as his only friend.
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Lindsay Jillian

No matter what anyone tells you, Lindsay is the true queen of You’re The Worst. Lindsay successfully won her husband Paul (Allan McLeod) back after she announced she was pregnant with his baby (which was conceived by Lindsay freezing a used condom of his, later warming it up in the microwave, and then turkey basting herself with the very hot sperm). Yet, Lindsay realizes she truly does hate Paul and his Red Napkin meals. So, she mindlessly stabs him. Then, she tries to nurse him back to health terribly. Then, she tricks him into letting her have sex with other men right in front of him. And then, the cuckolding fetish ploy backfires, with Paul getting way too into masochism, leaving Lindsay totally disgusted. It’s a lot.

Finally, Lindsay realizes she wants to get an abortion. The decision is refreshingly treated as a non-issue between herself and Gretchen. Eventually, Lindsay tells Paul she ended her pregnancy, which therefore ends their marriage. Lindsay wraps the season with a small $2,000 monthly stipend from Paul, but a new lease on life. She takes the abandoned apartment of Dorothy (Collette Wolfe), Edgar’s ex-girlfriend who decided to give up her acting dreams and move back to Florida after years of showbiz failures. Lindsay also has a future in fashion after meeting stylist Priscilla (Kathleen Rose Perkins) at Shitstain’s (Darrell Britt-Gibson) near-trainwreck wedding reception.

Lindsay just might end up ruling the (fashion) world.
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Edgar Quintero

Guys, Edgar is the least-worst person in all of You’re The Worst. Actually, he’s kind of a great guy. He cares about women, loves the people in his life, fought for our country, is actually funny, and makes amazing breakfasts. We all need Edgars in our lives.

So, it’s only fair that Edgar ended season 3 in one of the best places of his life. Yes, his girlfriend left the state, but the relationship was starting to feel limiting for both of them. Things were so tense with Dorothy, Edgar seriously considers not taking a comedy writing job simply because he didn’t want to make his girlfriend feel badly about her own career. That is not the making of a healthy relationship.

But, Edgar did take a writing gig for real-life comedian Doug Benson’s very fictional weed-themed Waze series. The veteran is finally following his passions after years of PTSD, drugs, and generally living life to make Jimmy’s day easier. Plus, marijuana is helping Edgar manage his aforementioned PTSD, which even the V.A. was unable to do.
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Everyone Else

Lindsay's sister Becca (Janet Varney) finally had her baby with her terrible husband Vernon (Todd Robert Anderson). Unsurprisingly, they gave her the very trendy name of Tallulah. Vernon, supposedly a changed man, says he’s now a dedicated father who can’t leave his daughter alone with a terror like Becca. That means the Trash Juice purveyor and Paul’s “The Seventh Layer” plan to ditch their lives and flee to “Mejico” to find true happiness is now over.

Oh, and, by the way, Jimmy's child neighbor Killian (Shane Francis Smith) was abandoned by his father days ago, so can he have some of that baby formula?
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