Oreo Is Releasing A Mystery Flavor & The Internet Is In A Frenzy Trying To Guess What It Is

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Every time we see Oreo announce a new limited edition flavor, which actually happens a lot, excitement immediately sets in, and we begin preparing our taste buds for whatever sweet flavor combinations are about to head their way. With Oreo’s newest release, however, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to be an option — because the new cookie is simply called Mystery Oreo.
Yesterday, The Junk Food Aisle Instagram account posted a photo of a box of the new Oreo flavor and gave it the caption, "Coming Soon! Limited Edition Mystery Oreo! Chocolate Cookies with a Mystery Flavor Creme. No specific word on where or when, but my guess is soonish."
Of course, upon first seeing this, our gears started turning, trying to imagine what these cookies might taste like, but then we glanced one detail on the package that made us desperate to figure out what the flavor could be. The Oreo package featured in The Junk Food Aisle's photo has a little message on its upper right-hand corner that reads, "Guess the flavor for a chance to win $50,000." We don't know about you, but we could always use an extra $50,000.
Based on the comments left on The Junk Food Aisles' Instagram post, we aren't the only ones who are interested in taking home 50 grand. People are dropping guesses right and left, which doesn't seem too smart if you're trying to be the only one to get the right answer. Still, we're glad they're sharing because we just love imagining all the possibility.
So far, the guesses that make the most sense are marshmallow, white chocolate cupcake, coconut cream pie, and cheesecake — that last one wouldn't be at all shocking since we've seen Strawberry Cheesecake Oreos released in other countries. Unsurprisingly since it's the internet, there are also more out-there guesses like cotton candy Oreos and toothpaste Oreos, which actually came up more than once. Now, that would be an Oreo flavor we'd really have to prepare our taste buds for.