Too Faced's First Skin-Care Product Is Unsurprisingly Extra

Some of the best things in life are the result of a crossover. Remember when Taylor Swift made the jump from country music to pop? Or when Tim McGraw collaborated with Nelly on the song, "Over and Over"? It even expands to brunch dishes — our favorite being a combo of comfort food with an international twist — but the fusion doesn't stop there. In fact, beauty brands want in, too.
Earlier this year, Tarte — a makeup and skin-care brand — announced a dry shampoo. Now Too Faced, the cosmetics company known for its ever-expanding list of launches, is next. Right on the coattail of its Perfect Peach announcement, the brand's co-founder Jerrod Blandino just leaked something even bigger, and nope! It's not related to the fuzzy fruit. Enter: a (very glittery) face mask.
That's right, Too Faced is launching its first skin-care product, ever. As expected, it will be as flashy and whimsical as every other product to come from the Too Faced think tank. Blandino posted to his personal Instagram account (where he frequently leaks brand innovations) a black-and-white demo of the new product. This is what we know about the mask so far: It's hydrating, gel-based, and peels off. Oh yeah, and it's packed with so much sparkle, you might assume it was harvested straight from the horn of a unicorn.
No word yet on the product's exact name, price, and launch date, but for now, we suggest keeping an eye on Blandino's Instagram for more teasers. We've reached out to the brand and will update this post when we know more.
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