Hello Kitty Sparkling Rosé Exists & The Bottle Design Is Everything

Last fall, we made the life-changing discovery that Hello Kitty wine exists, and we still haven’t been able to get over how adorable these bottles are. Luckily, now we’re in the thick of rosé season, which means we can move from geeking out over Hello Kitty Pinot Noir to drinking the cartoon cat’s precious pink wine. When we say this is the cutest wine we’ve ever seen, we mean it.
Hello Kitty Wines actually makes two different sparkling pink drinks. The first is a sparkling rosé, which, according to the product description, is dry and refreshing with a floral scent and spicy hints. This rosé comes in two different bottles. One is a black bottle with shiny pink foil over the top and the other, the Special Edition bottle, is hot pink with a confetti-flecked foil wrapper on top.
Hello Kitty’s second pink drink is simply called Hello Kitty Sweet Pink Sparkling Wine, and it's the real star of the line. Unlike the rosé, it comes in a miniature clear bottle, which shows off its delicate pink color. The bottle also features a heart at the bottom of the neck. It might be the only alcoholic beverage that has ever made us squeal like we're 6-year-olds. This wine is described as semi-sweet with floral aromatics and notes of toasted almonds, strawberry preserves, and nougat. In case you can't decide which one to try, there's a combo pack (of course). It comes with a bottle of the Hello Kitty Sweet Pink Sparkling Wine, a bottle of the regular Hello Kitty Sparkling Rosé, and the special edition sparkling rosé for $94.85, which is around $32 a bottle.
Though Hello Kitty Wines have been around for a while, we somehow just now clocked how fun the line's pink wines are. We can probably thank the recent Millennial Pink craze for the realization. It's like we're discovering Pink Gin all over again. Don't worry, you can make up for all the time you lost not drinking Hello Kitty's sparkling pink wines by ordering the combo pack online.
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