The Latest Beauty Collection To Hit Ulta Is A Sweet Surprise

Bath and body products don't exactly elicit the same kind of excitement as, say, a sparkly highlighter or a fancy new fragrance. And while there are plenty of brands trying to make bath time happen cool again, most of the products that come out of the think-tank are either too childish or too expensive for the average 20-something. Thankfully, there's one collection hitting Ulta this month that manages to hit that covetable sweet spot: Zoella Beauty's Jelly & Gelato.
The line is just as cute and whimsical as you'd expect a launch from Zoella Beauty to be, but the products this time around come as a pleasant surprise. Not only are the scents floral and utterly delicious (and not in the sugary way of her last line, Sweet Inspirations), but the bottles also come packaged in the kind of color palette any millennial would appreciate. The items are so decadent, in fact, they might just replace our most luxe collections — and they're all less than $20.
Click ahead to check out the range in its entirely, launching exclusively online at Ulta Beauty next week.
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This gentle, pomegranate-scented body scrub leaves your skin softer than a newborn baby's.

Zoella Beauty Cream Scrub, $12, available July 2o17 online at Ulta Beauty.
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A body wash with a fresh, floral fragrance that lingers for hours after you step out of the shower.

Zoella Beauty Shower Sauce, $7.95, available July 2o17 online at Ulta Beauty.
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This creamy body wash feels extra luxurious after a long day at work.

Zoella Beauty Shower Shake, $8.95, available July 2017 online at Ulta Beauty.
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We thought the color-blocking bottle was the best part of this body mist — until we smelled the saccharine sweet scent inside.

Zoella Beauty Gelat'eau, $12.95, available July 2o17 online at Ulta Beauty.
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Because everyone deserves a chic makeup bag that is equal parts South Beach pastel and millennial pink at once.

Zoella Beauty Beauty Bag, $18, available July 2o17 online at Ulta Beauty.
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These bath wafers are a signature to Zoella Beauty — it looks like food, but melts in your tub the moment it hits the water.

Zoella Beauty Pink Water Wafers, $7.95, available July 2o17 online at Ulta Beauty.
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No, the tin isn't filled with Jessica Simpson-approved froth. Instead, the powder swirls to a sultry, creamy texture when poured into bath.

Zoella Beauty Bath Frosting, $9.95, available July 2o17 online at Ulta Beauty.
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Body Pudding is almost exactly as it sounds — lightweight, whipped, and tempting to eat.

Zoella Beauty Body Pudding, $12, available July 2o17 online at Ulta Beauty.
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