Okay, Seriously, What Is Going On With This Candy Crush TV Show?

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS.
Summer is the perfect time for networks’ weirdest ideas. A show about William Shakespeare — but sexy? Sure, go for it. What about a comedy where a forty-something-year-old woman pretends to be a millennial. That sounds good, too. While those two premises are wacky, they're not quite as throwing-spaghetti-against-the-wall as CBS's new game show. Candy Crush, which premieres on July 9, is inspired by your favorite iPhone game.
What could this show possibly be about, given that no one wants to watch an hour of people hunched over their phones engrossed in a world of colorful sweets? We knew that couldn't be the premise, so we decided to investigate. Ahead, get all the details on the curious new game show.
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Candy Crush Is Hosted By Mario Lopez

Ryan Seacrest can’t host everything, Alec Baldwin already has a game show, and Michael Strahan is busy. So, CBS tapped Lopez to emcee Candy Crush. At least we know the Extra host’s two children — Gia and Dominic — are huge fans of their dad’s new gig.
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Candy Crush Is Much More Physically Involved Than The Mobile Game

The televised version of Candy Crush looks exhausting. Four pairs of teammates will compete on multiple boards in order to win $100,000 at the end of the episode. The contestants will have to swipe the digitized candies using their actual bodies, meaning Mission Impossible-style rope work is necessary for at least one of the challenges. There’s also a Saturday Night Fever-esque horizontal board, according to host Lopez.

This is a lot.
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Candy Crush Has Already Won A Guinness World Record

Although the game show hasn’t aired, it’s already technically historic. The humongous Candy Crush arena has the largest touch screens in the world.
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CBS Has Literally Roped Its Reality Stars Into Getting Involved

The Candy Crush premiere will feature four Survivor stars and four Big Brother housemates. Kelley Wentworth, Joe Anglim, Yung "Woo" Hwang, and Jeremy Collins, will represent Survivor. Paul Abrahamian, Da'Vonne Rogers, Caleb Reynolds, and Ariana Grande’s big brother Frankie Grande will be the Big Brother stars.

Instagram photos prove Grande and his Candy Crush partner Reynolds are extremely excited about holding giant pieces of fake candy fruit.
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You Can Apparently Join In On The Madness

Candy Crush isn’t solely for network reality TV stars and celebrity brothers. Casting, which is now seemingly closed, had expanded its net to laypeople. All you have to do to apply to swipe giant faux candies with your body is to send CBS a photo of you (and possibly your prospective partner) along with a two-minute video explaining why producers should pick you. For legal reasons, you have to be over 18.
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