All Of The Best FX Shows In Television History

Photo: Patrick Harbron/FX.
There are a lot of brand new series vying for the title of Summer 2017’s Best New TV Show. There’s Claws and its tight pack of ride-or-die women. There’s The Bold Type and its tight pack of ride-or-die women. And then there’s FX’s Snowfall.
The brand new drama premieres exactly a week from today, on Wednesday, July 5. The upcoming series explores the crack-cocaine epidemic of the early ‘80s through the eyes of multiple people in Los Angeles. Snowfall will deal with everyone involved in the culture-changing crisis, from a resourceful “street entrepreneur” (Damson Idris), to the daughter of a Mexican crime lord (Emily Rios).
With dark subject matter like this, it’s no surprise Snowfall will fall on FX, which has been churning out some of the grittiest TV shows ever, along with some of the best. To show you how the new drug-related series works on the network, we’ve put together all of the best FX shows ever. Scroll through the gallery to find out what made the cut. You’re going to want to add some of these to your streaming queues ASAP.
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The Ryan Murphyverse (2011- Present)

You can’t talk about great FX series without starting with mega-producer Ryan Murphy’s little kingdom on the network. The Hollywood heavyweight is the creative force behind American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and Feud, all of which have multiple seasons currently in development. Although no one would call any of these series perfect — or restrained — they’re all taking bigger, weirder chances than nearly anything else on television. And that’s why we love them.
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Nip/Tuck (2003- 2010)

Speaking of Ryan Murphy, we have one certain show to thank for all of the Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Bloody Lady Gaga, and similar-looking men who have graced our televisions throughout the Story anthologies and Feud. That show is Nip/Tuck, the campy sex-crazed plastic surgery drama following two very different doctors, Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) and Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh).

Once Nip/Tuck ended, Murphy had all the time in the world to devote to his countless current projects.
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The Shield (2002- 2008)

Although Nip/Tuck had everybody all hot and bothered over the sexy bacchanal that was the lives of Christian and Sean, The Shield is the first post-millennium drama to put FX on the map in a major way. We can probably thank the gritty crime drama, about a crooked LAPD officer (Michael Chiklis) and dirty team, all the modern antiheroes filling TV today. Would the characters of True Detective exist without predecessors like Vic Mackey? We would say no.
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Damages (2007- 2012)

Guys, why isn’t Glenn Close in more TV shows? As my colleague and Damages fan Erin Donnelly reminds us, Close’s Patty Hewes was "just so chilling" and the dynamic the ruthless lawyer and her protégé Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) was riveting. It’s a crime against viewers everywhere Close’s most recent small screen role is voicing a Simpsons character.
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The Americans (2013- Present)

Yes, The Americans tells an amazing story about marriage under the guise of a spy thriller, but you know what really makes the 80s drama standout? The wigs, jokes R29 entertainment editor Anne Cohen. Also, star Keri Russell’s entire dazzling wardrobe.

But, seriously, at a time when tensions between America and Russia are higher than ever — and the President of the United States is constantly questioned about ties to the Kremlin — an espionage series set in the original Cold War couldn’t be more necessary.
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Fargo (2014- Present)

Like many anthology series, some seasons are better than others. But, the Midwestern drama is almost always one of the best things on TV when it graces us with its 10-week presence. Despite the American coasts' perception of the “heartland” as a folksy wasteland filled with smiley people, Fargo reveals the murderous, scheming underbelly that exists everywhere — even in North Dakota.

Plus, who doesn’t want to watch Obi-Wan Kenobi and Torrance Shipman do Midwest accents?
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Atlanta (2016- Present)

Donald Glover’s brainchild, about a homeless college dropout who starts managing his rapper cousin, is the kind of show that stays with you long after you watch it. When I see real-life Justin Bieber, I flashback to the Black Justin Bieber of the Atlanta universe. No, he’s not a Justin Bieber-like pop star who happens to be black. In Atlanta’s world, the Justin Bieber we’ve all come to grudgingly accept despite his antics is Black, not a mischievous young white man from Canada.

These type of creative sidesteps from our reality — also included in there is an accidentally violent invisible sports car and a fully fleshed out Black version of PBS called B.A.N. — make Atlanta one of the best new comedies of 2016.
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Sons Of Anarchy (2008- 2014)

Charlie Hunnam has been acting since 1996, but SOA was his true breakout role as biker gang member Jax Teller. And for that, we’re always thankful for SOA. The twisted, violent drama also always offered fans a jaw-dropping shocker, usually involving a death or two, so it rarely disappointed.
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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2005- Present)

Ask someone which show has been cheated by the Emmys and they’ll say something about Sons Of Anarchy or The Leftovers, which, sure, yeah, fine. But, the misfits of Paddy’s Pub have been ignored for their bizarre, fearless, unending contributions to comedy over the last 12 years, and there's even more on the way with upcoming seasons 13 and 14.

The fabulous It’s Always Sunny has been so ignored, it was moved to from home channel FX to side channel FXX in 2013. At least The Gang was able to rail against this unfair treatment in "The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award." If you haven’t watched this master class in Hollywood shade yet, please drop everything and do so now.
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Louie (2010- Present)

In the aforementioned IASIP episode "The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award" they complain about a cooler, more beloved and publicized “bar” also on the block, AKA the network. That bar is Louie, which also happens to be fantastic. But, at least everyone knows the Louie C.K.-created series, inspired by the eponymous comedian’s life, is worth awards.
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You’re The Worst (2014- Present)

Please watch FX-turned-FXX comedy You’re The Worst. No, really, please watch You’re The Worst. I look forward to the return of the series, about a group of terrible people who live in Los Angeles, every single day it’s not on. Thankfully, season 4 premieres Wednesday, September 6.

That’s worthy of a classic extravagant Edgar-made breakfast.