4 Sexy Ways To Celebrate The Summer Solstice

Photographed by Eylul Aslan.
Things are finally starting to heat up out there — and we're not just talking about the temperatures. The warmer months are upon us, and if your mind isn't already in summer mode, it surely will be next Wednesday, June 21, when we reach the summer solstice and the season begins in earnest.
But, this date isn't just the first day of summer. It's also the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. In other words, the sun will be at the northernmost point in the sky, treating us to a little extra daylight. Communities that follow nature-based faiths will hold solstice festivals that last all day, as they celebrate the bounty of life and the sun itself.
Given the fiery, invigorating energy that's long been associated with the summer solstice, it's also a great day to spend with a lover. Sex is decidedly not part of any traditional solstice ritual, but no one would begrudge you if you found your own steamy way to ring in the new season.
Ahead, discover how you can make the summer solstice the sexiest day of the year.
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Try something playful.

Thanks to the sun, the summer solstice is charged with bright, vibrant energy. There's a good chance you'll feel livelier and more open to playtime that day — and research even suggests that extra daylight can have mood-boosting effects. You can easily channel that fun-loving energy in the bedroom by gamifying your foreplay.

From dirty dice to truth or dare apps to full-blown board games, there are plenty of sexy games you can try with your partner during the solstice. No matter what you choose to play, you're sure to heat things up — and giving into those playful vibes will feel great.
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Get cozy.

Astrologically speaking, the first day of the summer solstice happens to coincide with the start of Cancer season. And, as many horoscope enthusiasts already know, Cancers are a sweet, sensitive bunch. Their warm, nurturing natures can actually serve as inspiration in the bedroom — no matter which sign you are.

Whether you're in a LTR or enjoying a more casual hookup, you and your lover can ride these warm-and-fuzzy waves. Try out some close, cuddly sex positions, and don't forget to snuggle afterward.
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Go another round.

Put those extra hours of daylight to work and enjoy an extended stay in the bedroom. According to research from period-tracking app Eve, sunlight not only positively affects your mood, but your sex drive, too — users reported having 12% more sex in the summer than during any other season.

So, don't be surprised if you're ready for round two (or three, or four) sooner than you think. Oh, and we strongly recommend getting down while the sun is still up, if your schedule permits.
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Take things out of the bedroom.

Truly reaping the full benefits of that summer solstice sunshine means spending time in the great outdoors. And should your romp through nature turn into a romp of the other sort, all the better. Having sex on the beach can yield mixed results (read: sand goes everywhere), but pitching a tent in a quiet, secluded part of the woods can actually set the mood.

For the record: Public sex is illegal in most states. This doesn't make it any less hot, but it certainly ups the risk factor. If you'd prefer to stay well within the confines of the law, we suggest having sex in your backyard or your home's sunniest room.