Bet You Forgot These Stars Were In Mary-Kate & Ashley Movies

As with romance novels and Fast and the Furious films, you knew how the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies would play out before they began. Step one: Plop the twins in some exotic locale, like Paris (Passport to Paris) or Australia (Our Lips Are Sealed). Step two: Grant them with a preternatural sense of independence and maturity. And most importantly, add not one, but two teen heartthrobs to the mix.
Between the years 1992 and 2004, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen starred in 14 original films made with their own production company, Dualstar. By then, American audiences had already known the twins since they were 9 months old, when they began their stint as Michelle Tanner on Full House. The twins were 18 when they starred in their last movie, New York Minute, and officially reached adulthood in front of the camera.
The Olsen twins generously extended a portion of their spotlight to include budding actors who didn't happen to reach fame in infancy. You might be surprised by some of the stars who appeared in the Olsens’ original films.
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Kirstie Alley

It Takes Two is the Olsen twins' 1995 take on The Parent Trap. In the film, the identical (and unrelated) girls meet at summer camp. Actress and comedian Kirstie Alley has a significant role as Diane Barrows, Mary-Kate's social worker.
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Eric McCormack

While McCormack is remembered for his role on the long-running sitcom Will & Grace, we should never forget his enlightened performance as the Olsen twins' grumpy dad in 1993's Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.
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Cloris Leachman

Though her appearances in Young Frankenstein and The Mary Tyler Moore show were all fine and good, one highlight of Leachman's legendary seven-decade career was her role as the evil Aunt Agatha in Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (1993).

Aunt Agatha may have been vanquished, but Leachman's still chugging along. Now, you can catch the 91-year-old actress as the goddess Zorya Vechernyaya in Starz' American Gods.
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Troian Bellisario

Troian Bellisario grew up across the street from the twins.

“We used to play all the time,” she told BuzzFeed. “Then they moved and we went to different schools and I hadn’t heard from them I think since I was 6.”

When she was 13 years old, Bellisario was contacted by her old friends, and cast in the movie Billboard Dad (1998). She played Kristen, a member of the diving team.
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Michael Cera

In the 1999 movie Switching Goals, Michael Cera plays a bratty kid who yells at salesperson during a shoe fitting.

"Watch it!" he says. "I have a very delicate bone structure." Turns out, Michael Cera has always played the same character.
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Willie Garson

In 2000, Garson played an FBI agent in Our Lips Are Sealed. His role as Carrie Bradshaw's best friend Standford Blatch on Sex and the City had already begun.
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Megan Fox

In 2001's Holiday in the Sun, Megan Fox is the ultimate glossy-lipped, crop-topped '90s mean girl.
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Austin Nichols

You might recognize Nichols as Julian Baker from One Tree Hill. But in 2001, Nichols played Mary-Kate's love interest in Holiday in the Sun. He says the killer line, "Everybody's got a hobby, right? You're mine."
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Jesse Spencer

As Dr. Robert Chase, Spencer is the dreamiest doctor on House. And as Lord James Browning, Spencer is the dreamiest Brit who crosses Mary-Kate and Ashley's path in Winning London (2001). Mary-Kate and Ashley meet the young nobleman when visiting London for — get this — a Model U.N. competition.
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Jared Padalecki

Before appearing in Gilmore Girls as Rory's high school boyfriend, Padalecki played Trey, a senator's son, in New York Minute (2004). When he first meets the twins, a bewildered Trey asks, "Is it my birthday?"

Since New York Minute was the twins' last film together, Padalecki was the last of their fictional heartthrobs.