Your Guide To The Must-See Movies Of Summer 2017

It's June, and we're gearing up for another wet, hot, American summer. Your best bets for surviving the ever-climbing temperatures? Swaddle yourself in air-conditioning. Plunge into a pool. And my favorite? Escape the humidity — and the news — in a movie theater.
You already know that summer is the season of the blockbuster and the sequel. But nestled amidst Spider-Man reboots and gigantic car explosions are a number of fantastic indie gems and standalone films. Whether you're searching for a ghost story or a fantasy romp about a giant pig (really), there's a summer movie perfect for each of your every whims and whimsies.
Here's the question: which of this summer's upcoming films is worth dishing up money for? We break down each of this season's most promising picks for your personality.
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If you need a dash of inspiration

Wonder Woman

She bravely rushes into No Man's Land on a WWI-era battlefield. She's as confounded by sexist behavior as we are. She is the superhero you've been waiting for. Trust us — Wonder Woman lives up to the hype of its 93% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Out June 2
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If you want your heroines to keep you guessing

My Cousin Rachel

In this brooding period piece, Philip (Sam Claflin) seeks revenge on his cousin, the mysterious woman who he believes murdered his adopted father, Ambrose. But when cousin Rachel (Rachel Weisz) arrives to Phillip's estate on the English coast, Phillip finds himself completely entranced. Is she? Did she? You, along with a lovestruck Phillip, will be asking these questions until the very end.

Out June 9
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If you're mentally preparing your supplies checklist for the apocalypse

It Comes at Night

Another case of the little indie horror that could. Called "the scariest movie of 2017" by GQ, It Comes at Night, takes place in a world after a mysterious illness has rendered most of the population zombies, or something close. In this hostile environment, two families huddle together for survival in a house in the woods. But it's — whatever it is — is coming, and it's going to be gruesome.

Out June 9
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If life is better with a splash of color


Sally Hawkins plays the real-life folk artist Maud Lewis, who, despite her arthritis, uncovers her talent as a painter when hired as a housekeeper by a local recluse.

Out June 16
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If you never tire of Bridesmaids spinoffs

Rough Night

First there was The Hangover in 2009. Then, in 2011, came Bridesmaids. Eight years later, it seems movie characters still can't avoid catastrophe during their pre-wedding getaways. In Rough Night, Scarlett Johansson brings her best friends to Miami Beach for a raunchy weekend. The party loses its humor when a stripper is killed by the women's hijinks.

Out June 16
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If you've spent your life searching for the perfect partner, but will settle for the perfect romantic comedy

The Big Sick

The Big Sick starts like most rom-coms do: Boy meets girl, boy and girl are instantly charmed. But when the girl falls into a medical coma and the boy struggles to win his traditional Pakistani family's acceptance, this big-hearted, bittersweet movie deviates from the rom-com template.

Out June 23
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If you like nothing more than a period piece thriller

The Beguiled

Winner of Best Director at Cannes, this stylized and suspenseful film begins when a wounded Union soldier stumbles into an all-women boarding school, and throws their happy equilibrium into a tailspin. Sexual tension brews, and along with it, rivalries and schemes of imprisonment.

Out June 23
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If you want to leave the theater amped

Baby Driver

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is the best getaway driver in town. His secret? Blasting music for razor-sharp concentration, and we, along for the ride, are happily privy to his wild soundtrack. After falling in love with a waitress, Baby's determined to leave his criminal lifestyle. But a sinister criminal (Kevin Spacey, of course) blackmails him into one last heist — a heist that's doomed to fail.

Out June 28
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If your favorite part of Harry Potter was Hagrid's beasts


It's summer, it's sweltering, and the world may or may not be falling apart. Our advice? Take refuge in a weird story about a girl who befriends a giant Super Pig, only to find that her beloved pet is actually the prototype for a new pork "crop." Mija won't stop until she can rescue to save Okja from the real pigs – capitalists.

Out June 28
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If you're still depressed from The Keepers

The Little Hours

Medieval nuns may be an unlikely subject for a raunchy comedy, but The Little Hours delivers laughs. The lives of nuns Ginerva (Molly Shannon), Fernanda (Aubrey Plaza), and Alessandra (Alison Brie) get interesting after a strapping young servant, forced into hiding from an angry master, seeks refuge in their convent. Though Massetto (Dave Franco) is introduced to the nuns as a deaf-mute, he struggles to maintain his cover amidst a barrage of temptation.

Out June 30
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If you quote SNL skits in your daily speech

The House

Two years ago, SNL alums Tina Fey and Amy Poehler teamed up in the comedy Sisters, about two sisters who throw one last party in their house. This summer, Poehler stages another elaborate home-based scheme with SNL buddy Will Ferrell. Poehler and Ferrell play parents who set up a casino in their basement to rummage up college funds for their daughter.

Out June 30
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If you've somehow forgotten the last two incarnations of Spider-Man in the past decade

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Alas, since this version jumps past Spider-Man's origin story, we won't hear a reprise of the famous line, "With great power, comes great responsibility." Spider-Man: Homecoming positions our adolescent superhero within the Avengers.

Out July 7
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If you're too old to be afraid of ghosts

A Ghost Story

After he passes away, a man returns dressed in the quintessential white sheet of Halloween ghost costumes, and haunts his wife and son.

Out July 7
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If you need inspiration for your next night out

Girls Trip

After five years apart, four friends travel to New Orleans' Essence Festival with the intention of making memories — brazen, booze-soaked memories.

Out July 21
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If you look back to the '90s wistfully


It's 1995 in Manhattan, and Dana (Jenny Slate) and her wild younger sister, Ali (Abby Quinn), are finally getting along. But it's not for a reason either would like. Dana and Ali are sure their father (John Turturro) is having an affair, and are determined to find the truth — without their mother (Edie Falco) finding out.

Out July 21
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If you love the full-episode battle scenes in Game of Thrones


At some point in high school days, you definitely knew the details and significance of the Battle of Dunkirk. Now, director Christopher Nolan is here to remind you. Using minimal dialogue, Dunkirk relies on visual details to depict the staggering effort the Allied Forces took to evacuate 330,000 troops trapped by Germans on the beaches of Dunkirk, France.

Out July 21
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If you think the James Bond movies would be better if James Bond were a woman

Atomic Blonde

Praise 2017 — Charlize Theron, queen of the intelligent summer blockbuster (see: Mad Max: Fury Road) is back. Instead of reinvigorating the Mad Max franchise, this time around, she's reviving the entire spy movie genre. On the cusp of the Berlin Wall's collapse, MI6 spy Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) is sent to Berlin to investigate the death of her colleague. Ordered to play nice with the Berlin spies, Lorraine brings about an alliance that might threaten the future of the West.

Out July 28
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If you're ready to get riled up


On a sweltering summer night in Detroit in 1967, three Black men were killed by police officers in a motel room. This event, dubbed the Algiers Motel Incident, set off a five-day-long riot, resulting in 43 dead and almost 2,000 injured. Kathryn Bigelow, director of the war movie Zero Dark Thirty, renders Detroit into a modern day war zone.

Out August 4
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If you're a little bit too obsessed with Instagram

Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid spends the vast majority of her time in Instagram. She scrolls on the toilet. Before bed. When she wakes up. And after she's released from a brief stint in a mental hospital, Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza) decides to move to California to befriend her favorite Instagram influencer, Taylor Sloane (Elisabeth Olson), even though her previous attempts at befriending obsessions had all ended terribly.

Out August 11
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If it's not summer without a heist movie

Logan Lucky

Though Logan Lucky and Ocean's 11 share the same director, don't expect to see a suave, debonair George Clooney pulling off a complicated casino scheme in this movie. In Logan Lucky, two brothers from the hills of West Virginia decide to steal from NASCAR after one brother loses his job. We imagine you'll enjoy a bleach blonde Daniel Craig with a southern accent as much as we do.

Out August 18
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If you want to leave the theater humming (and wiping away tears)

Patti Cake$

Patricia Dombrowski (aka Killah P, aka Patti Cake$) has dreams of rap stardom. Too bad she's stuck taking care of her ailing grandmother and alcoholic mother in a run-down town in suburban New Jersey. After Patricia's only friends — the ever-upbeat Jheri and the brooding, potential Satanist Basterd — join her in her quest, it becomes apparent this Jersey Girl has a real chance at making it.

Out August 18
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