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Turns Out, Republicans Sound Frighteningly Like "The Handmaid's Tale"

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In the end, maybe we shouldn't have been so surprised. The GOP party has been branded by its unabashed disdain for women's health care, and rose to power in 2016 on a platform openly antagonistic to vital issues ranging from choice to family planning. And with the passage of the American Health Care Act, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's signature piece of legislation that categorizes rape as a pre-existing condition, Republicans across the nation sank to new depths of virulently anti-woman rhetoric.
But when we headed to the Not The Correspondents' Dinner to see if red carpet celebs could distinguish between quotes from GOP leaders and ones pulled from Margaret Atwood's dystopia novel turned Hulu's smash-hit series, "The Handmaid's Tale," we weren't ready for things to get this murky. Watch the video above to test your knowledge of pop culture vs. presidential posturing in a political climate that's truly stranger-than-fiction. Get ready to grab 'em by the red cloak.

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Republican Politician Handmaids Tale Quotes Who Said ItReleased on May 26, 2017