Presenting Titus' Best Moments On The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Photo: Eric Liebowitz/Netflix
There's a lot to love about The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Its theme song declares that "females are strong as hell." (Truth.) Kimmy, played by funny girl Ellie Kemper, is a kidnapping survivor who uses her optimism to empower herself and others. However, as much as it's easy to adore all the characters on Kimmy Schmidt (including creator Tina Fey's own troubled psychologist), there's one who has a special place in any fan's heart: Tituss Burgess' Titus Andromedon.
When we first meet Titus, he's a Times Square "performer" in an unlicensed Iron Man costume with dreams of stardom. While Titus never quite achieves his Broadway dreams, he certainly never stops trying. Thank god for that, as some of the most hilarious moments on the Netflix series involve Titus' theatrics.
Whether he's auditioning for an ill-fated Spider-Man musical, donning a werewolf costume for his dinner theater gig, or filming his own, err, "music" video, Titus' life is like yet another remake of A Star Is Born — just, you know, with the "star" part being a long ways off. Click through to check out the best moments from Titus' time reaching for his dreams.
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The Audition

Here, Titus reminds us that teeth are "outside bones" that "hang from our lips like bats."
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His "Ode To Black Penis"

You'll be amazed how many things rhyme with "peeno noir."
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His "Lemonade-ing"

This season 3 teaser channels Queen Bey while reminding us why we should never, ever cheat on Titus. Or even look like we're cheating on Titus. (Come on, Mikey is so not really cheating on Titus, right?)
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Titus' Terrible High School Experience

Titus dies a little inside every time he's forced to say he "loves sports."
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Titus' Party Playlist

"I can't fix America, Kimmy."
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When He Tells Kimmy He'll Go To Trial With Her

Just so he can see the trial without ads. As one does.
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When His Life Becomes A Musical

It's just an ordinary day... for this ordinary gay.
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When He Gets Too Relatable

"I've decided to live as a bed."
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When He Auditions For Hamilton

...Despite never receiving the audition materials. (Weird!)