5 Podcasts Made For & By Black Women

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Podcasts have taken up a new role in pop culture. They’re more sophisticated than watching TV, but way less laborious — and maybe even a bit cooler — than reading books. Regular podcast listeners straddle the fence between enthused hobbyists and avid knowledge explorers. It’s as close to casually obsessed as one can get.
The beauty of podcasts is that anyone can create, record, and distribute them with relative ease. As a result, podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most diverse forms of popular media. You can count on podcasts to offer a varying range of perspectives on any given issue. There are podcasts that use satire to discuss cults and another that re-conceives Harry Potter as religious text.
And of course, there are a slew of podcasts that are made for and by Black girls, addressing everything from pop culture to sexuality to comics. So whether you already have a weekly lineup of podcasts you faithfully devour, or have never opened the podcast app on your iPhone, you’ll appreciate these Black women-led podcasts.
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2 Dope Queens

You’ve probably heard of this one. If you haven’t, you’ve probably heard of the two Black comediennes who host it: Jessica Williams of The Daily Show fame and Phoebe Robinson, a writer and consultant on Comedy Central’s Broad City. They discuss pop culture and their personal lives with some pretty funny results.
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The Black Girl Nerds podcast is now on @spotify! #BGNPodcast

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Black Girl Nerds

BGN makes it clear that the podcast isn’t just for Black girls, but definitely for nerds only. But given that the world of comics, cosplay, sci-fi, and most of the other nerdy genres are seriously struggling with both race and gender diversity, this podcast assumes a necessary perspective. Hosted by Jamie Broadnax, it fosters a huge community of Blerds (Black nerds) who link up at events like Comic-Con.
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Inner Hoe Uprising

If you’re tired of being told to by sex, love, and relationship gurus to "act like a lady, and think like a man," you’re in luck. Samantha Riddell and a team of co-hoes (see what they did there?) offer insights on getting busy through an inclusive feminist lens.
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Black Joy Mixtape

I can guarantee that you’ve never seen a political pundit like Amber (The High Priestess of Black Joy) or Jaz (King Of the South). These two women provide smart weekly breakdowns of political and pop culture headlines, and draw sad but hilarious connections to how they affect Black and brown people.
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If you like to keep it classy, Joymarie and Cortney provide advice and insight for young professionals.