The Most Plausible Pretty Little Liars Theories For Uber A's Identity

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If you're a Pretty Little Liars fan, congratulations: you have serious endurance. The series is officially bowing out after seven seasons, and in doing so, it's finally answering its biggest questions. Who killed Charlotte (Vanessa Ray)? Is Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) really Spencer's (Troian Bellisario) mom? Could Alison (Sasha Pieterse) actually be pregnant with Emily's (Shay Mitchell) eggs? Those answers are coming... but the one we're really waiting for is the one about the show's darkest villain to date. The identity of Uber A (or A.D., if you want to be official about the whole thing) is still under wraps, but that's not stopping fans from pointing fingers at just about everyone. To be fair, everyone in the town of Rosewood is shady enough to have a secret life as a super villain — but who are the top suspects going into season 7b? While we can't narrow the list too much, some characters are more suspicious than others. Here's who we suspect of being the ultimate A. (Hey, one of these theories has to be the real deal, right?)
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Lucas Is Uber A

There are plenty of fan theories that point to Lucas (Brendan Robinson) as the ultimate baddie, but you actually don't have to dive deep into a re-watch to realize why Lucas looks suspicious. For one thing, he has better motive than some to torture the Liars: Alison made his life a living hell back in high school, and the other girls were totally complicit in his bullying. Then there's the fact that he's independently wealthy, computer savvy (enough to make his own collection of sinister emojis, perhaps?) and all too eager to gift Hanna a fashion house that just so happens to keep her in Rosewood. While he may have denied knowing that Charles transitioned to Charlotte — he only exchanged emails with his best camp friend — that doesn't mean that he's being genuine. Survey says: Lucas is still shady as hell.
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Charlotte Is Uber A (Or, At Least, Working With Them)

I know what you're thinking: Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) is dead, right? That might have been enough to rule her out on a different show, but let's not forget that Big A has already admitted to faking her death before. She even faked Mona's (Janel Parrish) death! There's no reason to believe that she's not secretly working with the head honcho this time around — or that, maybe, she's been pulling the strings this entire time for a far more nefarious reason than she delivered at the end of season 6a. There were definite plot holes in Charlotte's story, from weird timeline inconsistencies to questionable motives for all of the mayhem she caused. Maybe we shouldn't have taken her at face value after all.
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Mona Never Stopped Being A

I adore Mona, so this theory would seriously bum me out — she's been a great ally to the Liars, even when she's wanted to dive into the dark side. Still, there are a lot of little clues that suggest Mona could be hiding a big, dark secret. First of all, Mona was tortured by Charlotte for a long time in the dollhouse — perhaps she was even brainwashed by Charlotte during that time into hating the Liars once again. Mona was also the only person to stay and hear the rest of Charlotte's story after the Liars went to find Alison. She even tried to meet up with Charlotte at the Two Crows the night she was killed, despite claiming she wanted Charlotte behind bars for life — could that have all been an act? Maybe Mona's ultimate goal was to have Charlotte deliver her the info she needed to keep torturing the Liars... though it would make me so, so sad if that were the case.
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Spencer's Twin Is A.D.

I know, I know: Spencer doesn't have a twin. Or does she? Some fans noticed that the "vision" of Spencer that Hanna sees while locked in A.D.'s torture chamber has some noticeable differences between the real Spencer, including her lack of bangs and different vocal affect. However, the biggest clue is that dream Spencer refers to the ultimate villain as A.D. — even though Hanna doesn't know that the new A has used those initials yet! Then there was that weird airport scene where the Hastings girl did not seem to be acting like herself. Could Spencer's twin be the one pulling the strings? Spencer's twin would be Mary's other daughter... and maybe identical twins run in the family.
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Melissa Actually Is As Shady As She Seems

Ah, yes: Melissa (Torrey DeVitto). Spencer's big sister may spend half her life "interning" in Europe, but that isn't stopping fans from thinking she's really up to no good. There are still quite a lot of questions that fans have about Melissa, from what she was really doing on that ghost train (it certainly sounded like a woman was directing a man to push Aria off the train) and why she seemingly teamed up with Jenna (Tammin Sursok) and Shana (Aeriél Miranda) the night of the barn fire. Melissa has always claimed to be protecting Spencer, but she's also been nearby whenever Spencer was in serious danger.

Melissa certainly has reason to hate Alison (she "stole" her high school boyfriend, remember?) and now that we know Mary Drake is secretly Spencer's mom, it definitely complicates things for the Hastings family. Could Melissa be tied to Charlotte and Mary as well? Could she actually be the secret Drake instead of Spencer?
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Wren Is The Baddie Behind Everything

Ah, Dr. Wren. We're still not sure if he's actually a doc (or if he just wears the scrubs to hit on underage girls, as one does in Rosewood), but what we are sure about is that he is shady as hell. In fact, Julian Morris' character was so shady that many fans were convinced he was Big A before Charlotte's surprising reveal. Alas, Wren was nothing more than a red herring — or was he? We know that Wren will tie into the show's "endgame" — and that scene at the airport with Spencer (or was it her twin?) sounded about a billion alarm bells. Hmm... could it be because Wren is the most evil villain of them all?
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Mary Drake Is The Ultimate Villain

Spencer's biological mother is on the run, and now that we know that Mary is the one who murdered her twin sister Jessica, it's very possible that she's a little more evil than we suspected. Could she be less "mommy dearest" than we thought? If so, she might be the one behind the A game.
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Caleb Is The Ultimate Betrayer

Unlikely? Sure. But everyone is a suspect these days, especially now that Aria (Lucy Hale) was recruited to the A Team. We know that Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) is a master computer hacker, and that boardgame was set up by someone who knows what they are doing with technology. While it may not make much sense to have him as Uber A, Caleb could still be a minion — even if it would break our hearts.
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Ezra Is Totally Evil

Pretty Little Liars just reminded us about that troubling book ever attempted to write while Aria was in high school — you know, the one that led him to dating an underage Aria for research purposes? Ezra has been oddly MIA dealing with "Nicole stuff" this season, but what if he's actually doing Uber A shenanigans?
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Aria Isn't Just A.D.'s Minion

Aria got in hot water with A.D., leading her to screw with her friends' lives in order to protect a secret police report she filed on Ezra. But what if that's not actually how everything went down? What if Aria is actually dissociative, and hasn't been talking to anyone on the phone at all — she's just been communicating with her other identity? While I think it's pretty unlikely that Aria is secretly Uber A (I mean, would the show really break out hearts like that?) plenty of fans peg her as suspect number one. And her name does start with an A...
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Alison Never Stopped Being A Bully

Ali seems firmly on the side of good these days — especially now that she's pregnant with Emily's baby — but it's not like she hasn't deceived people before. Playing a good friend and mom-to-be would be her greatest trick to date. Then there's the possibility that Spencer isn't the one with a twin after all — the PLL book series revealed that Alison had an identical twin named Courtney, but that it was Alison who was the truly evil one. Could the series pull a bait-and-switch to parallel the novels?
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