The 7 Biggest Clues From The First-Ever Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer

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This time last year, we were mere weeks away from a new season of Game Of Thrones. But because 2017 is the upside-down of years, we’re entire months away from returning to Westeros. Since the minds over at HBO aren’t total monsters, they’ve finally released the first-ever Thrones season 7 trailer ahead of the blockbuster drama’s July 16 premiere.
The video itself manages to keep the specifics of the upcoming episodes a secret, as it doesn’t reveal any new footage. Instead, the “Long Walk” trailer sets the scene for season 7 by showing us who will be going head-to-head come July. The warring parties will be Cersei Lannister in King’s Landing, Daenerys Targaryen fresh from the east, Jon Snow in the north, and the Night King in the north-of-the-north. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be pretty.
Once you’re done freaking out about the gorgeous trailer’s existence, it’s time to start thinking about what it all means for the Thrones endgame. We’ve broken down the biggest clues for you with a handy-dandy slideshow.
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Photo: Courtesy HBO.
Daenerys Is Heading Home

The Mother of Dragons has invaded enough places to know she needs to figure out a plan before dominating Westeros. There’s no better place to do that then her ancestral home of Dragonstone, which is where she was (storm)born.

In the trailer, Daenerys walks through the abandoned, dark halls of a castle and eventually sits upon an intimidating throne made of rock. The visuals don’t exactly match Dragonstone under Stannis Baratheon’s ownership — that’s where he lived during big brother Robert’s reign — but it’s possible the former guardian simply found that chair uncomfortable and sat in a different one.
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Jon Is Staying Put

Some are questioning whether Jon’s long walk is through the Night’s Watch headquarters of Castle Black, but fear not, the newly-minted White Wolf is still at Winterfell. The hearth behind his very, er, stark throne is the same one that can be seen at the end of “Winds Of Winter,” when Jon is named King In The North.

It looks like everyone simply put the tables back properly after making a mess last season.
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The Surviving Targaryens Aren’t Working Together Just Yet

With Jon in Winterfell and Daenerys in (probably) Dragonstone, don’t expect the inevitable nephew-aunt family reunion to go well. The first trailer sets up the remaining Targaryens as enemies for now, as opposed to allies against the Lannisters or the Night King.
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Daenerys Might Start Taking After Her “Mad” Dad

The song playing throughout the “Long Walk” trailer is "Sit Down" by Brit rock band James. The lyrics of the throwback track include the line, “Those who find they're touched by madness, sit down next to me.”

“Madness” has a very specific history in Westeros, as Daenerys’s assassinated “Mad King” father Aerys suffered from that affliction and was run through with a sword over it. The Game Of Thrones team doesn’t choose anything lightly, so someone is going mad in season 7. It’s possible they’re hinting Daenerys is about to be touched with the madness stick next.

And yet…
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But Cersei Might Be The Real Mad Queen

The actual lyric about madness plays during Cersei’s portion of the video, not Daenerys’s. Again, nothing happens by coincidence on this show, so the Thrones team chose to associate her with the word “madness.”

The Lannister queen currently has a lot in common with the dead Mad King, since she basically enacted the plan he was murdered over. During his war with Robert Baratheon, King Aerys hid stockpiles of wildfire throughout King’s Landing and planned to burn everything to the ground if his forces lost. Before that happened, Jaime Lannister murdered him.

Cersei used those exact caches of the explosive green liquid to take out her own enemies and secure the crown. That sounds pretty mad to us.
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Photo: Courtesy HBO.
Winter Is Coming For King’s Landing

Winter arrived in Northern Westeros a long time ago, but things are about to get cold for the rest of the Seven Kingdoms soon. As Cersei rests atop the Iron Throne, a frozen breath escapes her mouth. Cue some psychedelic effects and we’re staring at the Night King’s creepy blue eyes.

This means the white walkers are coming for all of Westeros this time around.
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