10 Celebrity Couples Who Met On Set & Stayed Together

While their characters, Jon Snow and Ygritte, were falling in love in the hostile conditions north of the wall, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were falling in love, too. After seven years of dating, the Game of Thrones duo has gotten engaged. That's one ray of sunshine on an otherwise bleak show.
Like so many celebrity couples before them, Leslie and Harington's love blossomed between takes. In the closed environments of TV and film sets, fast-forming intimacies have long been known to develop. Perhaps we can think of film sets as speed-dating, Hollywood style. For a few weeks, co-stars playing love interests get a shot at seeing whether their chemistry is enough to make the leap to off-screen love.
It happened with Brangelina, it happened with Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli, and it'll happen again and again.
Here are other couples whose relationships formed under similar circumstances, and are together to this day.