Chrissy Teigen Always Wears These 5 Beauty Trends — & No One Has Noticed

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To say that we want Chrissy Teigen to be our best friend/sister/mother/all-around life partner would be a gross understatement. Who else snoozes through the Oscars, publicly defends pizza, and hilariously documents her spray-tan woes? No one.
But while we wait for a #followback, we can at least take inspiration from her beauty look. And there's a lot to choose from: We're talking sun-kissed waves, strobed cheeks, and sultry bronze smoky eyes — and those are just three of five trends we've noticed she always falls back on.
Need proof? Check out her best looks in the slides ahead.
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1. Go For The Bronze

Rather than reaching for moody hues like gray or black, Teigen typically opts for lighter metallic shades that provide definition, while still looking soft.
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And the look couldn't be easier to recreate. Simply grab your go-to copper or bronze eyeshadow (we love Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze) and sweep it onto your lid and along your lower lashline.
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2. Golden Goddess

In keeping with her bronzed-and-beachy aesthetic, Teigen almost always has sun-kissed or ombré highlights.
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Unless you're a wiz with at-home hair dye (if so, teach us your secrets!), you won't be able to DIY this look. Instead, hit up your go-to salon and ask for golden highlights throughout your hair, with a special focus on the pieces around your face.
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3. Glow City

Sure, Teigen's already blessed with gorgeous cheekbones, but we know she loves a good highlighter to take them to the next level. Whether she's rocking a fresh face of makeup or an edgy smoky eye, you can always count on the star to get her glow on.
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Teigen has shared her love for powder highlighters in the past, but we suggest opting for liquid or cream luminizers to mimic her dewy, almost wet-look here. Our favorite? This rose-gold option from RMS.
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4. Divide & Contour

Teigen doesn't just stop at highlighter when it comes to sculpting her face though; she's always got a bit of bronzer or contour powder going on, too.
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Finding an A+ product that can double as a bronzer and contouring powder is essential. Benefit's Hoola Bronzer ticks all of our boxes — not only is it totally matte but the shade is perfect for sculpting cheekbones and warming up the face.
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5. Slick Chick

Teigen's most popular hairstyles may be her loose waves and Hollywood curls, but the star is partial to the slicked-back look, too. In fact, it's become somewhat of a red carpet go-to for her.
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Thankfully, recreating this look doesn't take much effort. All you need is a great flexible gel like this one from R+Co. Simply warm the product up in your hands and smooth it over your roots before pulling your hair into a low pony.
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We love Teigen's look so much, we decided to put some of her go-to moves into action in this video.
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