What Happens In The Bachelor Fantasy Suite?

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Nothing is off limits for the camera on The Bachelor. Over the seasons, we’ve caught glimpses of contestants painting nails, lifting weights, making strange faces when eating beignets in New Orleans (we’re looking at you, Nick).
Well, almost nothing. Toward the end of each season, the Bachelor or Bachelorette whisks away the three remaining contestants for an intimate night in the Fantasy Suite.
But what actually goes on behind closed doors, aside from the obvious? Are the contestants greeted by heart-shaped beds and rose flakes? Ice sculptures and contraceptives? Or could the Fantasy Suite itself just be a conspiracy theory cooked up by the devious mind of Chris Harrison?
In her book It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreaking into Happy Never After, former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman (and former "girlfriend" of Nick Viall) clears up some of the myths surrounding the steamiest, most mysterious part of The Bachelor. Dorfman even coached Nick through his own Fantasy Suite experience on last night's episode of The Bachelor, more proof that she's the ultimate expert.
To set the mood, we've illustrated Dorfman's insights with some of Nick's sexiest moments to date.
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1. The wine is flowing and the fridges are stocked.

When it comes to sparking romance, there’s nothing like wine and chocolate to do the trick. Clearly, the love gurus behind The Bachelor are aware of this fact and stock the fridge significantly in advance.
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2. The contestants have a way out, just in case.

As Bachelor lure goes, contestants are restricted from cell phone use and contact with the outside world while filming.

Most of The Bachelor rules are lifted in the Fantasy Suite — including the cell phone ban. Since there aren’t any cameras or crew on hand in case something goes wrong, the Fantasy Suite is affixed with its very own cell phone.
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3. The timing on the show is skewed.

From the show’s sequencing, you’d think that each session in paradise happened on three consecutive nights. That’s far from the truth. Instead, the overnight visits happen in different hotel rooms, with a buffer of a few days in between. Typically, Fantasy Suite sequences are filmed over a span of two weeks.

The long wait is to ensure none of the contestants accidentally run into each other — they are flown to the location for their specific dates, and leave the morning after the Fantasy Suite.
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4. Privacy might be the sweetest part.

After weeks and weeks of filmed flirtation, each couple has a few sweet hours free from stilted scenes and awkward camera angles. Bliss!

Andi writes of her time with Josh, “We spent the evening swapping stories, laughing until our stomachs hurt. We talked about our future, our beliefs, and our goals in life...we were in mid-conversation when the sun came up, beaming through the sheer window panels of our bungalow.”

In an interview with People, former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher backed up Dorfman’s sentiment, saying, “And in the Fantasy Suite, if you know there is chemistry and a physical connection, it’s a good time to have privacy and let whatever happens, happen.”
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5. There’s everything necessary for safe sex.

The suites have more than just aphrodisiacs to prepare for a good night. As Chris Harrison told HuffPost Live in an interview with Nancy Redd, “Anything you need to have safe sex, we definitely promote that.”
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6. The rooms are plush!

For their last night together, the Bachelor contestants get an upgrade from the typical Marriott hotel rooms. Dorfman reports that her last Fantasy Suite was in a five-bedroom mansion.

The interior decor is on point, and so are the amenities. From drawn bathtubs to romantic music to towels folded into animals, the Fantasy Suite is every romantic cliche crammed into a single space.

What more could you expect from the quintessential honeymoon experience designed by The Bachelor?
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7. All the contestants get STD tested.

While this precautionary measure doesn't actually occur within the Fantasy Suite, it allows for all the in-suite shenanigans that do take place.

Leslie Hughes, a contestant on Sean Lowe's season, told The Daily Beast that an STD test is one among many tests that potential contestants must undergo.