16 Food Gifts We're Crushing On This Valentine's Day

Photo: Victoria Morris.
Food and Valentine's Day are basically the oldest of old married couples. The two have gone hand in hand since we can remember and one without the other just doesn't quite make much sense. So when you think about it that way, V-Day doesn't have to revolve solely around romantic relationships. We are in full favor of supporting the other half of this enduring holiday matrimony! This year, we'll be celebrating a different type of love. The love our foodie companions. And what better way to do that than with 16 crave-worthy and edible-inspired gifts?

Ahead you'll find 16 gourmet goodies that go way beyond a box of OG Russell Stover's (although tbh, we heart those too). The best of the best in bubbly, festively flavored chocolates, mochi cards and more that we are definitely down to crush. So honor your fellow foodies on your V-Day anniversary – or just honor yourself, really. Because there's no day like February 14th to enjoy a bacon-infused peanut butter cup.
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Photographed by Victoria Morris.
For Your Baked Goods Bestie
Ship them a batch of freshly baked cookies in a colorful box, complete with heart-shaped confetti and a personalized postcard.

Maman Limited Edition Valentine's Day Cookie Boxes, $45, available at Maman.
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For Your Veggie-Vegans
Show them your love in the purest form imaginable, a raw beet.

LittleLoveliesStudio Blank Valentine's Day Card, $4.50, available at Etsy.
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For Your Summertime Soulmate
Say it simply with sparkling.

Wölffer Estate Noblesse Oblige Sparkling Rosé, $40, available at Wölffer.
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Photo: Courtesy of Colectivo Coffe.
For Your Coffee Companion
The Love Supreme blends a dark chocolate roast with notes of caramel and candied raspberry.

Colectivo Love Supreme Blend, $13.95, available at Colectivo Coffee.
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For Your Tea Timer
Anti-boxes of chocolate, pro-boxes of tea bags.

DAVIDsTEA Box of Hearts, $35, available at DAVIDsTEA.
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For Your Bacon Bud
Gift these delectable little cups to your sweet swine.

Black Pig Meat Bacon Peanut Butter Cups, $17.25, available at Mouth.
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For Your Hamburger Homie
Because hungry hearts always beat as one.

MariaBeddia Blank Valentine's Day Greeting Card, $4, available at Etsy.
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For Your Candy Crusher
These organic raspberry-flavored rock candies are sealed with a hug and a kiss.

Raley's Confectionary X&O Candies, $7.25, available at Mouth.
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For Your Honey
These decadent dark chocolate squares are filled with wildflower honey-infused caramel and topped with a sprinkle of fleur de sel.

Droga Money on Honey Chocolates, $16.95, available at Droga Chocolates.
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For Your Wino
What's better than wine? Wine AND a compliment.

Speak Wines You're Pretty 2012 Malbec, $25, available at Speak Wines.
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For Your Sweet Sidekick
Send Bottega Louie's candied strawberries coated in milk chocolate and a candy shell as the sweetest surprise.

Bottega Louie Strawberry Pebbles, $10, available at Bottega Louie.
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For Your Main Mochi
The card says it all.

LettuceCelebrate Blank Valentine's Day Card, $3.25, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Compartes.
For Your Rosé All Day-er
Or in this case, all season-er.

Compartes Roses & Rosé Chocolate Bar, $9.95, available at Compartes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Baked by Melissa.
For Your Cupcake Comrade
When regular sized cupcakes are too flavor-limiting, send an assorted bite-size box of 25 (with a bonus pack of six macarons).

Baked by Melissa The Perfect Pair, $44, available at Baked by Melissa.
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For Your Mean Multitask-er
Why just enjoy bubbly, when you can enjoy bubbly with chocolate?

Compartés x Winc Sparkling White Blend, $28, available at Winc.
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For Your Always Organized OG
This colored-coordinated candy tackle box is an compartment-lover's dream.

Dylan's Candy Bar Valentine's Day 2017 Tackle Box, $28, available at Dylan's Candy Bar.
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