Watch Aziz Ansari & Jimmy Fallon Read THE Most Outrageous Yelp Reviews

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC.
Yelp is a great place to go if you're looking to air your frustrations with any establishment. If you've ever waited three hours for your food at a restaurant, only to be served the wrong thing and have your waiter be rude or unhelpful when you point that out, you've probably gone straight to Yelp to warn others and make yourself feel a little better. The reviews from patrons can, at times, be totally brutal, but have you ever seen a restaurant respond with humiliating or just plain over-the-top comments? Reading those rare rude responses is a great form of entertainment. That is, if you aren't the person being mocked.

Last week, Aziz Ansari was a guest on The Tonight Show, and he and Jimmy Fallon participated in a segment called "Dramatic Yelp Reviews." The show tracked down what have to be the some of most kooky reviews and responses from restaurants, and the two guys read them together with hilarious dramatic flare. Jimmy reads what the customers submitted, while Aziz reads the owners' responses. Anasari definitely makes the performance, but he doesn't have to try too hard to get us to laugh because the comments are already completely ridiculous.

Seriously, we dare you to keep your jaw from dropping when you hear some of these. Even Fallon and Ansari are in disbelief that these reviews and responses are real. It might actually make you think twice about leaving a nasty review. Take a look: