The Most Dramatic Entrances In Bachelor History

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Hollywood just loves a meet-cute — hell, La La Land has three of them. Of course, it's a little tricky to nail that perfectly imperfect accidental encounter when you're competing against dozens of other singletons on a dating show, and there's a boom mic hovering over your freshly tonged curls, and a producer miming for you to wrap it up. But good on the Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants for trying.

Tonight, season 21 of The Bachelor will kick off with Nick Viall awkwardly standing outside a mansion as the 30 women vying for his love slide out of limos and do their damnedest to make a killer first impression. Let the uncomfortable silences, forced smiles, cringe-worthy double entendres, and excruciating "fun facts about me" commence!

The limo arrivals are to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette what the early auditions were to American Idol: painful to watch yet entertaining, depending on your level of schadenfreude; teeming with hot messes; and blessed with one or two touching moments that momentarily make you forget that you hate people.

This show is prone to hyperbole (looking at you, Chris Harrison). But in all fairness, some contestants have truly given us the most dramatic moments, ever. We're talking physical violence, stunts gone wrong, sexual innuendo that would make Christian Grey wince, grandma chaperones, and live animals. And let's all raise a glass to season 18's Clare, who proved that rocking a fake pregnancy belly was not a deal breaker. Thanks for making us believe in love, girl.

In anticipation of the season 21 contestants letting their freak flags fly, we present some of the most memorable, entertaining, and effed-up entrances in the show's history. Roses all around!

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Knowing what we now know about season 18 sleaze Juan Pablo Galavis, a bun in the oven probably wasn't a turn-off, so long as ocean sex was still on the table. And while Clare's intro came off like a deleted scene from Fatal Attraction, she will forever have our respect for making JP talk to the hand before storming off during the final rose ceremony.
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Alas, there was no room in the limo for season 16's Lindzi C., forcing the horse enthusiast to saddle up for Ben Flajnik's entertainment. It worked: Girlfriend scored the first-impression rose and made it all the way to the finale.
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Another season, another horse. Bachelorette season 12 favorite Luke wowed JoJo Fletcher with a faux unicorn, and it worked.
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While this is a great opportunity to show off your special talents, a little rehearsal wouldn't go amiss. Season 17's Robyn ate it while trying to back-flip her way into Sean Lowe's heart.
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Bachelorette season 9 contestant Diogo did not turn out to be Desiree Hartsock's knight in shining armor, sadly.
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Of course Keltie the Radio City Rockette would make Brad Womack dance during season 15.
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Struggling to prove that dating a dentist is a total riot, teeth guru Chris arrived in a giant cupcake during Kaitlyn and Britt's season 11 meet-and-greet.
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We're not sure Rachel's hoverboard entrance for season 20's Ben Higgins is what Marty McFly had in mind.
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We knew Ben F. was toast when season 16 villain (and ultimate winner) Courtney merely had to ruffle his hair and coo, "I'm a model" to reduce him to putty.
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It's shitty that this show makes you think that true love can be found on reality TV, but the real crime is convincing women that rocking up to a first date in a wedding dress is a solid move. Season 16's Lindsay did this, and almost got engaged anyway.
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You just know season 19's overly intense Ashley S. thought she had it in the bag with her witty shoe- soles repartee with Chris Soules.
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"I mustache you a question?" Oh, dear. Luckily for Chase, season 12 Bachelorette JoJo had a soft spot for dad jokes.
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Say what you want about two-timer Brad Womack (though it's probably already been said), but him being walloped by Chantal on season 15 was not okay. And yet, she still made it to the freaking finale.
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Which was more off-putting about Bachelorette season 11 contestant Shawn E.? That he showed up in a hot tub car, or listed his occupation as "amateur sex coach"?
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Sean sent Ashley P. packing after she bragged about her love of Fifty Shades of Grey, tried to tie him up with some neckwear, and proceeded to get wasted.
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Season 17's Brittney brought the ultimate gimmick: her grandma. Ladies, if your granddaughter makes you crawl out of a limo on crutches to impress a man she's not even that interested in, you should feel free to cut her out of the will.
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If you don't have a grandma handy, you can always use your dog as a wingwoman. Season 18's Kelly moved into the mansion with her furry friend, Molly.
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In all fairness, we did end up really liking season 16's Emily, It just took us a while to realize that thanks to her one-two punch of using her epidemiologist background to steal a kiss from Ben right from the get-go (cringe), then subjecting him to her questionable rap skills.
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While Des did accept shirtless Zak's offer of abs, she declined fellow contestant Jonathan's pushy Fantasy Suite invitation.
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Sadly, Santa (Nick B.) didn't end up making JoJo's nice list, and was sent back to the North Pole in week 3.
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How would Juan Pablo have known that Lauren S. is musically inclined if she hadn't rocked up with a piano on wheels? Hint: Recreating a Vanessa Carlton video is not a recipe for love.
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And how would Ben H. have known that Breanne is a super-healthy nutritionist if she hadn't destroy some gluten-packed baguettes?
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