"Double Vision" Is the Coolest Halloween Costume Trend We've Seen

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Makeup is Halloween's secret weapon. With only the products in your proverbial pocket, you can become a unicorn, a Snapchat filter, a melting doll — honestly, the possibilities aren't just numerous, they're overwhelming. What's a makeup addict to do when there are so many options to inspire? Well, we have one foolproof idea to ensure you stand out on All Hallow's Eve.

Lately, makeup artists have been posting "double vision" looks online — and we're obsessed. It's a clever costume idea and doesn't require anything you don't already own. How does it work? The makeup artist draws a second set of eyes, lips, etc., creating a "double vision" effect. One artist posted a pic of their creation on the MakeupAddiction Reddit thread and the result is pretty mind-boggling.
Still wondering what particular makeup look you'll use for your Halloween costume? Just be yourself — doubled — using the following videos as inspiration. Here's to the Halloweekend.
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YouTube vlogger Nadia Ensina gets extra credit for gluing false eyelashes onto her cheeks.
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Youtuber Roxxsaurus goes triple — three noses, three pairs of lips, and four eyes. (Try not to stare too long. You may get a headache.) Watch the full tutorial, here.
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Oh hey, good-looking! User Dope211 tops off her look with a pair of shades.
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Okay — not a double-vision look, per se, but YouTuber Pompberry creates an illusion in the same vein. The look is a tribute to M. C. Escher, a graphic artist known for his unnerving illusions.
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