The Walking Dead Cast Is Determined To Make You Cry With These Steven Yeun Tributes

Photo: Gene Page/AMC.
Baby Judith's got nothing on us. Thanks to Sunday's offing of Abraham and Glenn on The Walking Dead's season 7 premiere, we've all turned into little crybabies. And to think, we once mourned the death of a Jeffrey Dean Morgan character. How could you, Denny?

Brace yourself for more waterworks, folks. Entertainment Weekly rounded up the Walking Dead cast to pay their respects to original cast member Steven Yeun, who played the beloved (and now dearly departed) Glenn. Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Norman Reedus (Daryl), and Lauren Cohan (Maggie) all have lovely memories of Yeun to share. At least, we think they do. It's so hard to make out the words with tears streaming down our face.

Want to torture yourself with their sweet sentiments? Read it and weep.

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Photo: Gene Page/AMC.
"Steven is not only just an incredible actor, one of the most decent, funny, and beautiful guys I've ever had the fortune of meeting. He's also one of my dearest friends in life. Period. And the prospect of him not being here, it's left a huge hole in the show. The prospect of returning next year is bleaker because of his absence. His departure was seismic. And we all felt it. He is one of the founding fathers of this show. His fingerprints are on every part of it. It's his humor I'll miss most of all. He's just got this knack of saying exactly the right thing at the wrong time. It's absolutely beautiful, and I'll miss all of it. The wonderful thing about being in this job is seeing someone grow up on screen and become this astonishing leading actor in his own right. Rick's relationship to Glenn was he's the funnier, better-looking, smarter younger brother that he never had — which is exactly my relationship with Steven."

— Andrew Lincoln (pictured)
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Photo: Gene Page/AMC.
"He is one of my best friends. I was with him when he proposed to his wife. He's been on this run with me since before I even started on the show. Losing him as a character and as a guy I get to hang out with every day is a bummer. It's the last thing in the world I ever wanted to happen. You lose people on this show and you're like, 'That's how the show works,' but when you lose somebody that close to you, it just sucks. I'm a fan of the show as much as I am an actor on it, and I fall in love with these characters. You see these characters change, and I see people grow as actors, and I see them take chances, and I see them do things that blow my mind. I cry with them. I fight with them. We built this friendship since day one, just like Daryl and Glenn did. I fucking love Steven."

— Norman Reedus (pictured)
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Photo: Gene Page/AMC.
"Steven brought me on to the show. He's the first person that I hung out with. The day I got there, Steven, Sarah Wayne Callies, and myself went for Korean barbecue, and I remember I got to Georgia and I was wearing a flannel shirt and it was July and they were like, 'Yeah, you need to buy some T-shirts.' I also remember that year we went on Fourth of July to watch the fireworks and the sky opened. Oh my god, it was pouring rain! And we all left and everybody ran out with jackets over their head and we all went to Steven's house. We got out the guitar and we just started singing, and Steven sang a song and Emily [Kinney] sang a song. We were all borrowing Steven's clothes and sitting around his apartment on the Fourth of July with it pouring rain outside. It was like college. It was our first big hangout.

"Steven has been a leading man professional on the show without ever having been any of those things before being on the show. You know what Steven is? He's ride or die: You know he has your back. Everything that we see in Glenn is what Steven brings to him, and that's that steady heart. I'm so excited for him knowing he's going on to do amazing things. He's the most professional gentleman and the silliest, funniest goof ever. And Steven's still alive! So that's good."

— Lauren Cohan (pictured with Yeun)