Ariana Grande & Mac Miller Make It Snapchat Official

Photo: Latour/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
Ah, young love. These days, it seems nothing says "our romance is real" like posting a pic with your bae to Snapchat. And according to those exacting standards, Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are officially a new couple to watch.

Grande and rapper/producer Miller first collaborated back in 2013 on "The Way," a single off of her debut album. Now, a few days after photos of the duo locking lips at a Los Angeles sushi restaurant made the rounds, leading internet skeptics to light up Twitter with cries of a PR stunt (blame Hiddleswift), the newly tattooed singer has decided to show off her new paramour in a series of playful snaps.

The pair can be seen laughing, singing, and trying out various Snapchat filters as they lean into each other and cuddle for the camera. First comes Snapchat, then comes marriage, then comes...well, scratch that. Maybe we'll just wait and see if they walk the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet together tonight. Either way, this love is now internet legit.

See for yourself.
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Photo: Courtesy of moonlightbae.
Grande and Miller smile, snuggle, and bounce around the car while messing around with some fun baby deer filters. (She definitely has the doe eyes to pull it off.)
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Photo: Courtesy of moonlightbae.
Next up: duck face! (And singing along to R. Kelly's "Bump n' Grind.")
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Photo: Courtesy of moonlightbae.
Then, Miller cuddles up to Grande, burrowing his face into her neck.
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Photo: Courtesy of moonlightbae.
And lastly, he turns back towards the camera as Grande can be seen sweetly petting his head. Good luck, you crazy kids.