The Cutest Couples From The Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet

Would it really have been too much to ask for Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian to grace the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards this year? Or maybe for Kim and Kanye to have stopped whatever glamorous things they're currently doing in Rome so they could pop on over to Las Vegas for a few hours, just so we could see them pose in their signature, staggered way? Yes, apparently it would be.
Still, we were happy to see the usual subjects in their Sunday awards-show best. Meghan Trainor brought her very well-dressed brother, Ryan, while Britney Spears showed up with a long lace train as a date. Russell Wilson showed up to stand behind BBMAs co-host Ciara (as he should), and two comedians stirred up more dating rumors. Bella Hadid was clearly too busy feting Naomi Campbell to show up on The Weeknd's arm, but we don't really blame her. One should never say no to a Naomi Campbell party, no matter how many awards your significant other is racking up.
Enjoy the slideshow!
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Ciara & Russell Wilson
So, two totally flawless human beings walk down a red carpet...we don’t have a punchline; just making an observation.
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Kesha & Ben Folds
They aren’t a romantic couple, but Folds did perform a majorly heroic gesture earlier this week. After Kesha was reportedly banned from performing the Bob Dylan song “It Ain’t Me, Babe” at the Billboard Music Awards by Dr. Luke, Folds invited her to perform it with him live during his own concert. Thankfully, Dr. Luke lifted the ban (sort of), and these two friends get to hang out at the awards, after all.
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Meghan & Ryan Trainor
Is there ever a better date than a loving, supportive brother — especially when Meghan's very emotionally effusive dad (a notorious public crier) is unavailable?
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Ludacris & Eudoxie Mbouguiengue
Rappers and models don’t always last forever, but these two have been going strong for years.
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Chester See & Grace Helbig
These two haven’t ever officially announced themselves as a couple, but there is a very impressive Tumblr blog devoted to the love of “Grester.”
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Aidan Alexander & Lauren Giraldo
Just a nod of appreciation to two professional “social media personalities” on the hustle.
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Thomas Rhett & Lauren Gregory
They may not be the First Couple of Country, but they’re running a distant third and we love them for it.