Peekaboo Rainbow Hair Is Our New Favorite Thing

If undercuts and rainbow hair had a baby, it would be the cat-inspired 'do we saw yesterday on Russian Instagram user Katichka. But the daring new mashups don't stop there — more hair experimenters are testing the trend and giving birth to some pretty dope creations.
What we're dubbing "peekaboo rainbow hair" around the office is perfect for the more color-shy beauty fans who still want to experiment. Interested in letting your daring flag fly? Just wear your hair up for the day. Looking for a more demure look? Simply style your tresses so that they cover your surprise color.

Ahead, we've compiled the coolest rainbow-hair undercuts we've peeped on Instagram. But before you click through, check out this mesmerizing video that shows off the hair-dyeing process to get a full appreciation of the new trend. If these pictures don't sway you, the seconds-long bit just might convince you to take the plunge and pick up a set of clippers.
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Photo: Courtesy of Spoke & Weal.
Colleen Flaherty at Spoke & Weal salon in New York, created this candy-coated hair on a client.
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Photo: Courtesy of Spoke & Weal.
Another one, for good fantasy-color measure, courtesy of the NYC salon.
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Photo: Via @laserb.kate.
Katichka tells us that her latest 'do was inspired by the clothes she and her boyfriend sell, singer Melanie Martinez, and her 9-month-old Sphinx, Maggy (of course).
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photo: via @buzzcutfeed.
This option is definitely for the more committed rainbow devotee.
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Photo: Via @alexandramaxwell30.
All of the heart-eye emoji.
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Photo: Via @truestylesalon.
Purple hair — and matching undercut — don't care.
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Photo: Via @ddagostino427.
Another color-coordinated moment happening via an undercut design.
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Photo: Via @angelahairart.
A hair masterpiece worthy of a frame.
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Photo: Via @luxehairlounge.kl.
Pair your mermaid ends with a mermaid-inspired undercut.
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Photo: Via @wickedhairdesign.
The only spiderweb we're actually pleasantly surprised to see.
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