Pretty Little Liars Season 6, Episode 13 Recap: Black Hoodie Is Back

The Pretty Little Liars had a five-year reprieve from being the prime suspects in a murder case, but they're officially looking guilty to the Rosewood PD once again. Last week they not only blamed one of their closest friends for Charlotte's (Vanessa Ray) murder, but illegally deleted the incriminating evidence.

Now they look guiltier than they did before. The only thing that's changed for the girls is their romantic lives. Hanna (Ashley Benson) is engaged. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is weirdly in love with Hanna's ex-boyfriend Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). Aria (Lucy Hale) is dating her boss, which is only slightly less creepy than dating her high school teacher, and Emily (Shay Mitchell) is a mystery we aren't sure of yet.

It's never simple in Rosewood. So here are our top 29 questions from tonight's episode.

1. Why did they think it was possible to relax at a spa that was formerly the mental institution their tormentor grew up up in? Survival Rule #1: Avoid The Radley hotel from now on.

2. Why would Ms. Marin (Laura Leighton) talk to any of the Rosewood Police without a lawyer? Does she not remember that disaster named Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson)?

3. Lucas (Brendan Robinson) is back! In Rosewood, do murders equal high school reunions?
4. Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) saying, "I know how you like to shop out of other people's carts" is the best line of the season so far. We've really missed Crazy Nanny Carrie Melissa. How does Spencer not realize she is once again in love with someone else's ex?

5. Why did Emily not realize her mom would get a letter about how she dropped out of college?

6. Were the girls famous in the media when they were in high school? Were there headlines calling them the "Bunker Girls"?

7. How is Lucas still in love with Hanna after all these years? She ignored him for most of high school.

8. Last time Hanna brought Lucas into an "A" plan, he tried to drown her in a lake. Why would she trust him enough to use him as an alibi?

9. "Ezra likes small women." The quotes are getting better and better. Who on this show doesn't have a type?
10. Why is Aria wearing a shiny, textured, purple, short-sleeve sweater?

11. "Let's Get Physical" is Hanna's ringtone for her fiancé? That's not disturbing at all.

12. Spencer admitted her feelings for Hanna. Will we see a Spaleb relationship this episode?
13. Mona is working for the Hasting's political opponent. When do we get the next Mona vs. Spencer takedown?

14. Why did they buy that Emily would have a timer on her phone to alert her when her mom was arriving? That is weird.

15. Is Emily really donating her eggs for money?

16. How was Lorenzo (Travis Winfrey) promoted to detective when he publicly dated an underage girl not too long ago? Why does this town constantly promote creepy men?

17. Does Emily remember that she once upon a time dated Sara (Dre Davis)?

18. Why is Ezra (Ian Harding) acting like some innocent bystander? Not only has he dealt with "A" situations before, but he also lied to The Liars for years so he could write a book about them.

19. Do the girls really feel guilty about Sara's injuries? They should feel guilty about Shana's (Ariel Miranda) murder, but Sara's injuries...not so much.

20. Why isn't Hanna asking Lucas why he went to prom with Jenna (Tammin Sursok)?

21. Why would Hanna take keys or food from Lucas? Did she seriously forget that he tried to drown her once?

22. After everything, why would Spencer think that Caleb would judge her?

23. Is the slow-mo hand-holding scene Freeform's new version of a sex scene?
24. Are there any Spaleb fans out there? Because this kiss seems like nothing more than a really cheesy love triangle to me.

25. Why is Hanna's screensaver still pictures of her from high school, including pictures of her and her ex?

26. Does Aria care so little about her job that she thinks it's OK to write a book for Ezra and pretend he wrote it? That is just a new level of stupid.

27. YES, "B" officially went through "A's" storage closet — creepy doll masks, text messages, black hoodies, and all. Or is "B" actually the original "A" after all? Is this confusing enough yet?

28. Can "B" please be Toby and Ezra this time around?! Please! The last couple of seasons would have been so much better if either red herring reveal had been real.

29. The red herring has almost always been the character having a relationship with an underaged girl. Now that everyone on the show is at least 23, how are they going to pick whom to set up?

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