The Shoe Trend Emma Roberts Loves (& You Will, Too)

Photo: JLM/Splash News.
It doesn't take long for us to notice a celebrity's latest fashion signature. Just a few post-gym sightings were enough to make the matching set synonymous with Taylor Swift's style. Kendall Jenner's wardrobe can be summed up with a few key items she wears over and over again. It makes it all the easier to copy be inspired by their go-tos. The latest off-duty moment to obsess over comes courtesy of Emma Roberts: velvet shoes.

The actress' footwear of choice these days confirms a trend we've been calling for a while — the plushy fabric, beloved in the '90s, is the texture of the season. Whether it's in the form of burgundy booties for a coffee break or bright-red block heels with denim for a day out, richly textured kicks are an easy way to jazz up the jeans-and-blouse formula. Plus, Roberts procures some of her pairs from fast-fashion favorites like Topshop and Boohoo, so it's a win-win — no-fuss and actually affordable. Fall in love with the #OOTD-elevating look now, before snow hits the ground (that'll make maintenance a little trickier). See how Roberts champions the style, ahead.
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Photo: JLM/Splash News.
Roberts perfectly aces two big trends in one go with her red-velvet grandma heels. This particular style from Topshop happens to be one of our favorites — and has unfortunately sold out. (Cue tears.) It's no surprise, seeing as the shoes work double-duty for Emma's ensemble. The pop of red helps the deep blues of the rest of her getup look brighter, and the shoes pair well with both the blouse's silkiness and the denim's rougher finish.
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Photo: JLM/Splash News.
Are your fall/winter staples in need of a refresher? A bit of velvet is an easy way to start. Take this textbook #OOTD formula, for example: moto jacket, button-front skirt, and heeled ankle boots. It's a no-think, no-fail combination — yet you can still get outfit fatigue from the most brilliant of combos. Roberts trades black booties for a burgundy, velvet version. (These are from Boohoo.) They will fit into your closet like the rest of your seasonal staples, but feel brand-new (and also happen to be soft to the touch).
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Photo: JLM/Splash News.
Velvet can also be a great addition to an outfit full of muted hues: An olive, military-inspired bomber with a striped T-shirt and faded, black skinny jeans feels fairly dressed-down, but the Tabitha Simmons wine-colored, velvet ballet flats lend a touch of elegance. The outfit is all about comfort on the go, yet the unexpected textural detail makes it seem like you put in a tad more effort.