Why You Should Care About Tomorrow's Full Moon

Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
You might have heard from the Astrotwins that tomorrow's full moon is in Gemini, making it a great day for partnership and cooperation (perfect timing for all your Thanksgiving-planning needs). While its placement varies, November's full moon is always a signal of the changes to come; as the last full moon before the Winter Solstice, it's seen as the final bit of light before the darkness of winter. It's also known as the "Mourning Moon."

While many modern-day superstitions surround the moon in general, the full version has long been upheld in Paganism as a time, every month, to reflect. People who follow Pagan traditions spend autumn preparing for the colder months, and the final step in this process is the letting go of old things — the things we must leave behind before we reach the new year. Hence, the "mourning."

Cleansing rituals, during which you take note of what you don't want in your life anymore, are commonly conducted in observance of the Mourning Moon. These discarded things can be anything from the most frivolous (a nail-biting habit) to the deeply profound (the grief over a lost loved one). The point is to think of these things one last time before resolving to move on from them. You can make a list and drown it in a jar of water (the element associated with this full moon) or perform a modern adaptation: Put your list in a note on your phone, and then delete it. (We don't recommend drowning your phone in a jar of water.)
It's a symbolic gesture, to be sure. But given how much we value gratitude at this time of year, it can be helpful to take stock of what you still need and cherish in your life versus what you're ready to forget.

The full moon will reach its peak at 5:44 p.m. EST tomorrow evening. If you can take a moment, go outside and check out the light of the Mourning Moon. Imagine it illuminating the darkest moments of your past year, so that you can visit them one last time before turning away completely.

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