A Sheriff Is Blaming Beyoncé's New Song For A Shooting, Plus More Must-Read Stories

Weird, But True: A Texas man was arrested by federal marshals over a $1,500 student loan from 1987.

Paul Aker told reporters he was arrested in his home last week by seven federal marshals in combat gear who were carrying automatic weapons. Aker was shackled and taken to a federal court downtown. “I just couldn’t believe that I was standing before the court, with no rights read to me, no legal representation, and I’d been told that I owed $1,500. I just couldn’t believe it,” he said. (Read More)

Must-See: The woman behind "I've Got A Crush...On Obama" just created a new music video called "Bernie Bae."

It's likely you're already familiar with the work of Leah Kauffman, the 29-year-old singer-songwriter was behind the 2007 viral video "I've Got A Crush...On Obama." On Tuesday morning, Kauffman followed up with her thoughts on the 2016 race — in video form, of course — with the debut of "Bernie Bae." (Read More)

Style Stalking: The Gossip singer Beth Ditto just dropped her namesake fashion line this week.

The debut collection, available now on BethDitto.com and at Selfridges across the pond, is comprised of 11 pieces offered in sizes 10 to 24. Ditto also rolled out the collection with a presentation at NYFW yesterday. “I want it to be versatile and to look good on every single body; it’s very fit- and shape-focused and I wanted everything to be durable.” (Read More)
Photo: Courtesy of Ezra Petronio/Beth Ditto.

World News: A giant 404.2-carat diamond — worth $14.3 million — was just discovered in Africa.

Australia's Lucapa Diamond Company announced Monday that miners in Lulo, Angola, have discovered a whopping 404.2-carat diamond. The 3-inch-long gem is estimated to be worth at least $20 million AUD (about $14.3 million USD). The Lulo diamond is the largest ever found in the south African nation of Angola — and the 27th-biggest diamond ever recorded in the world. (Read More)

Real Talk: A Tennessee sheriff suggested that a drive-by shooting near his home was inspired by Beyoncé's new song.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Tennessee sheriff Robert Arnold suggested that a drive-by shooting near his home was inspired by Bey's new song and her Super Bowl halftime show, The Tennessean reports. "With everything that’s happened since the Super Bowl with law enforcement as a whole...I think we’ve lost five to seven officers." (Read More)

Tech Talk: There's a scary new Android bug that can take over and erase your phone.

The BBC reports that a powerful piece of Android malware, dubbed Mazar, started circulating in Denmark. The malware can take over administrator rights on your phone, which lets it do anything: make calls, read your private text messages, or even wipe your handset completely. The malware comes by way of a harmless-looking multimedia link in a text message. (Read More)

Lawyer Up: Vanessa Hudgens might be in trouble with the law.

On Sunday, Hudgens posted a photo of what she thought was a cute, harmless symbol of her and boyfriend Austin Butler's love. Evidently, the sweethearts etched their names inside a heart on a red rock in Sedona, Arizona. The only problem? It's illegal to deface natural rock formations on federal land. (Read More)

A-List: Did Robert Kardashian really warn his kids about fame?

Last night's episode of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story took the spotlight off the infamous trial to focus on the Kardashian kids. In a scene at a restaurant, David Schwimmer, who plays Robert, tells the future stars: “We are Kardashians. And in this family, being a good person and a loyal friend is more important than being famous." But did the lecture happen in real life? (Read More)

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