NYC's Next-Level Vegetarian Spots

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Vegetarian restaurants need not only apply to actual vegetarians. In fact, NYC boasts some veggie-centric spots that are so delectable that they keep even the most die-hard meat-lovers coming back for more. These eateries are damn good at whipping up flavorful, inventive grub — AND are affordable, too.
We've got all the best veggie spots in the city right here. Scroll on through to get at your greens.
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We tend to think veganism was dreamt up in California some time in the 60s, but Japanese Shojin cuisine is older than that — way older. First developed by Buddhist monks, the completely vegan style of cooking is over 800 years and considered the root of Japanese fine dining. That may sound dry and boring, but at Kajitsu it is anything but. Not only is the food fresh and surprising, but the presentation will make you want to snap a picture of each course. Do so carefully, for a note on the menu asks guests to refrain from being on their phone. It's just one way, besides the excellent service, that Kajitsu manages to infuse a Zen-like calm in their midtown townhouse.

Kajitsu, 125 E 39th Street (bewteen Park and Lexington Avenues); 212-228-4873.
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While there is no shortage of places to track down falafel in NYC, Taim remains one of our favorites. It's not for nothing that the name is literally Hebrew for "tasty." Toppings are fresh and flavorful, and a rotating guest chef falafel keeps things interesting. The fries alone are worth a stop. They're served with an addicting saffron aioli you'll want to dip everything in.

Taim, Multiple locations in Manhattan.
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Champ's Diner
Everything at Champ's is vegan. We promise. Yes, even the hot dogs and the mac and cheese and mozzarella sticks. All the classic diner fare is here — magically short of anything that ever came from or was an animal. It's so good, you might even fool your meat-eating friends.

Champ's Diner, 197 Meserole Street (between Humboldt Street and Bushwick Avenue); 718-599-2743.
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Offering vegan, Latin comfort food in several spots around NYC, V-Spot wins high praise from vegetarians and omnivore alike. The plant-based meat substitutes, like their popular vegan "chicken" tacos (pictured right), will challenge the biggest skeptic. Plus, the original St. Mark's location has comedy shows every Thursday.

The V-Spot, Multiple locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
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B&H is a classic kosher diner tucked on a street in Manhattan's East Village. Dedicated to dishing out delicious veggie-conscious fare at prices that will not cost you an arm and a couple of legs, this spot covers a wide variety of foodie-favorite bases. Stop by for a cup of their house-made matzoh ball soup or a couple of potato pierogis. Whatever you do, be sure to finish it off with a blueberry blintze (i.e. a crepe filled with fruit-infused custard).

B&H, 127 2nd Avenue (at Saint Marks Place Street); 212-505-8065.
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Buddah Bodai
This kosher-vegan-veggie spot offers up an innovative take on dim sum in NYC's classic Chinatown. The meat-free fare is packed with flavor and creative touches — try the triple mushroom pan-fried noodles, the savory sesame "chicken" dish, or even the vegetarian "shrimp" dumplings.

Buddah Bodai, 5 Mott Street (at Worth Street); 212-566-8388.
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Beyond Sushi

Known as the "pioneer of the plant based movement", Beyond Sushi is 100% Vegan spot that takes pride in offering locally grown food. Using fruits and veggies this restaurant creates its own approach to traditional Japanese cuisine. Due to its casual atmosphere, this is a great place for a quick lunch during the work day or a quick bite to eat with your fellow vegan buddies.

Beyond Sushi, 229 East 14th Street ( between 2nd and 3rd Avenues); 646-861-2889.
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Peacefood Cafe
Striving to promote non-violence through delectable vegan dishes, this casual cafe and bakery offers a plethora of inventive options for NYC's most dedicated herbivores. Try the tempeh avocado sandwich or their savory vegan cheeseburger on homemade focaccia. Peacefood puts more than a little peace and love into each plate.

Peacefood Cafe, 41 East 11th Street (at University Place); 212- 979-2288.
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Avant Garden
Avant Garden is a top veggie-centric spot in NYC for the environmentally focused. This restaurant supports the fight towards eliminating animal cruelty and furthering environmental initiatives— all the while serving up delicious dishes. Their super selective menu strives to ensure the best meal in every way possible (i.e. taste and fair farming/trade).

Avant Garden, 130 East 7th Street (at Avenue A); 646-922-7948.
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Hangawi is the zen place in NYC to grab fine vegetarian Korean fare. Though reservations are a must, the extra planning is well worth the reward — the atmosphere is cozy-comfortable and the dishes are insanely flavorful. This spot is a perfect night-out dinner destination for all the veggie-lovers out there.

HanGawi, 12 East 32nd Street,(between Madison and 5th Avenue); 212- 213-0077.
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Angelica Kitchen
This East Village eatery is serving up vegan-friendly dishes in a laid back setting with offbeat vibes. Stop by for brunch and order up the eggless and sugarless pancakes with a side of maple-tofu whipped cream — you'll be glad you did.

Angelica Kitchen, 300 East 12th Street (at 2nd Avenue); 212- 228-2909.
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Sun In Bloom
Sun In Bloom offers up bright and delicious vegan-friendly city fare. Stop by their Tribeca location for a quick grab and go bite, or sit down and stay awhile at their flagship spot in Park Slope. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served Monday through Friday until 9p.m. — so make sure you pop in to grab some of their bomb sesame ginger or spicy rosemary kale chips.

Sun In Bloom, Multiple locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
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Candle 79
Not all vegetarian and vegan spots lend themselves to the casual café vibe — Candle 79 is this case in point. Tucked comfortably between buildings on the UES, this elegant two-story restaurant is a vegan dining destination. Standout dishes include the spaghetti and wheat balls, the rosemary-grilled portobello steak, and the herb-grilled cauliflower (just to name a few).

Candle 79, 154 E. 79th Street (at Lexington Avenue); 212-537-7179.
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Seasoned Vegan
This beloved, family-owned, vegan spot is situated in Harlem and offers up a wide variety of savory "soul food" type fare. The Seasoned Vegan is a neighborhood favorite for their delectable dishes and homey atmosphere — not to mention the lemon pepper "chicken" nuggets with BBQ and spicy mayo are seriously next-level.

Seasoned Vegan, 55 St. Nicholas Avenue (at W. 113th Street); 212-222-0092.
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Blossom Restaurant
This vegan restaurant group boasts locations within three prime Manhattan neighborhoods (i.e. Chelsea, Columbus Circle, and the West Village) . Whether you're in search of an upscale dinner destination, a more casual lunch spot, or even just a quick café bite, Blossom's multiple restaurants have you covered. The food is sourced locally and cooked creatively.

Blossom Restaurant, multiple locations in Manhattan.
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By Chloe
A vegetarian café and bakery snuggled in the heart of Soho — making it just about the chicest place to grab a meat-free bite — this spot isn't just vegetarian, it's vegan. But based on the flavors alone, you'd never know. It's all delicious.

By Chloe, 185 Bleecker Street (at Macdougal).
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Dirt Candy
Dirt Candy is a classic NYC vegetarian restaurant offering up plant-based fare with seriously creative twists. Try its Korean fried broccoli or the Brussels spout tacos, just to name a few. And if you haven't yet heard of the infamous broccoli dog, you better look into it — we never thought a meatless hot dog could be so good.

Dirt Candy, 86 Allen Street (at Broome); 212-228-7732.
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Jungle Cafe
This colorful Brooklyn restaurant lets you enjoy top-notch vegetarian fare in a funky environment. Some fan favorites include the jungle burrito and the tempeh ruben. Jungle Cafe also serves up a large variety of smoothies, juices, and "mylk" (a.k.a. nut milks).

Jungle Cafe, 996 Manhattan Avenue (at Huron); 347-987-4981.
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Bliss Cafe
This no-fuss vegetarian café in Williamsburg does not mess around with what it's serving up. Try the grilled cheese with vegan Daiya cheese or the tofu scramble with a side of gluten-free toast. The scene is hip and the food is savory.

Bliss Cafe, 191 Bedford Avenue (at Nicholas Polonski Walk), Brooklyn; 718-599-2547.
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The Butcher's Daughter
This veggie-friendly Soho café rivals By Chloe in chic-factor and delicious eats. Stop by for one of its eclectic juice flavors to go. Or just grab a table and people watch while munching on some mashed avocado toast and a spicy kale Caesar.

The Butcher's Daughter, 19 Kenmare Street (at Elizabeth); 212-219-3434.
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