12 Under-Bed Storage Solutions To Keep Your Life Organized

The space under our beds is a no-man's land — but one with infinite possibilities. Even the tightest of sleeping quarters can be cozy and functional if there's ample room down under to stow out-of-season wardrobe pieces, old books, and extra bedding.
Unless you feel like investing in a bedskirt, what you put under your bed will be visible from certain angles. Sure, just having spacious storage solutions is great — but why not invest in well-designed pieces that don't feel disruptive to the rest of your decor?
There are endless boxes, baskets, and bins available at furniture chains and online boutiques, but not every one of them will be the right fit for your crib. To help whittle down the options, we've put together an essential edit of under-bed containers that cater to different lifestyle needs. Click through for 12 storage items that will free up tons of square footage.
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This lightweight decorative bin is super easy to push around and comes in an array of lovely colors and patterns.

Room Essentials Fabric Cube Storage Bin, $5.99, available at Target
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Don't want your clothes to smell like mildew? This might just be the storage to invest in: The braided rattan material and cotton lining ensure that there will be enough ventilation for your precious cargo.

Ikea Underbed Storage Box, $50, available at Ikea
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Partly recycled from candy wrappers, this woven basket will keep your books and magazines organized while bringing a bit of sparkle to your room.

West Elm Metallic Woven Basket, $34, available at West Elm
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This sturdy drawer comes with convenient wheels and a chalkboard-label front for ease of identification.

Homz Long Underbed Wood Storage, $53.14, available at Amazon
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This handwoven four-wheeler provides perfect storage space for those handy tools you need to keep within reach, such as remote controls and charging cords.

Pottery Barn Jacquelyne Underbed Basket, $71, available at Pottery Barn
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Keep your off-season shoes on this sleek rolling rack, so you'll have easy access in case of sudden weather changes.

Bed Bath & Beyond Underbed Rolling Shoe Rack, $24.99, available at Bed Bath & Beyond
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A cute vintage suitcase will make the perfect treasure chest for your old photos, letters, and other ephemera.

ForgottenPlum Retro Suitcase, $40, available at Etsy
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Your most precious gowns and vintage items should go in here so they are protected from dust and acid.

The Container Store Archival Under Bed Garment Storage Box, $44.99, available at The Container Store
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Even the biggest shoe hoarders will find enough compartments here to unload at least some of their collection.

Handy Laundry Under the Bed Shoe Organizer, $19.99, available at Amazon
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This storage box comes in a lovely pattern and can easily slide in and out from under your bed.

Closet Candie Dove Under-the-Bed Storage Box, $12.99, available at Wayfair
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With a bunch of small compartments, this organizer will keep your underwear, towels, and swimsuits neat and tidy.

Sorbus Foldable Drawer Dividers, $12.99, available at Amazon
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This stylish and sturdy basket is great for storing bits and bobs under your bed.

Aquanova Lubin Storage Basket, $23, available at Amara