The Pro-Approved Products That Changed Our Editors' Hair

We’re all looking for the one. You know it when you find it because it’s easy, feels right, and just works. We’re talking about hair products, of course.

As editors, our pursuit of the best new masks, texture sprays, and brushes is endless. And thankfully, our profession has blessed us with access to the best of the best. Some of us can't live without a good moisturizing balm, while others prefer the amplifying effects of a volume spray. Then, there are those who could never part with a special shampoo.

Suffice it to say, the hair products you'll find ahead have more than an editor's seal of approval — these revolutionary offerings have truly changed our hair for the better.

Click through to see our picks across a variety of hair textures. The one could be waiting for you.
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Cat Quinn, Beauty Director
Hair type:
Thick and wavy
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"This is my finishing spray for every single hair look I do — from messy updos to big, glamorous waves. It gives my hair fullness, hold, separation, and just enough of that cool-girl undone look — minus the stick and tack typical of most texturizing sprays. I have gone through seven bottles this year alone, and I'm about to finish my eighth. I keep travel sizes handy, too, because I won't go on a trip without it. Translation: obsessed."

Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray, $26, available at Sephora.
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Ally Hickson, Associate Editor, Digital Innovation
Hair type:
Thick, curly, and color-treated
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"It's pretty easy for me to find great conditioners and masks for my curly hair, but when it comes to curl creams, it's always been a struggle. I've tried tons, but SheaMoisture's light curl cream is the only one that doesn't make my curls stiff or crunchy.

"It's also moisturizing enough that it helps hydrate them, give them shape, and stop frizz. I also use it to smooth my edges when I slick my hair back in a bun or high ponytail!"

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk, $10.99, available at Ulta Beauty.
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Photographed by Michael Gordon/Hairstory.
Megan McIntyre, Beauty Features Director
Hair type:
Fine and color-treated
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"My bleached and fried hair needs a massive amount of moisture, but most masks weigh my fine, short strands down. It's also nigh on impossible to style thin hair that's silky-soft. As much as I enjoy looking like the girl from The Ring (minus the homicidal rage, that is), I need something that quenches my thirsty locks without flattening my 'do.

"This — admittedly, somewhat pricey — mask is the answer to that particular conundrum. It looks and feels like a thick cream, but it absorbs immediately and makes my hair feel crazy-smooth. I do a quick towel-dry, then apply this from mid-lengths to ends, massaging it in for about a minute. I leave it on while I do the rest of my routine and allow the steam to heat it up and increase its softening mojo, then rinse, scrunch with a microfiber towel, and air-dry.

"The result is soft-like-kitten-fur hair that can also hold a style. And, while it is a bit of a cha-ching purchase, you can get a ton of mileage out of that one supersize jar — a quarter-size dollop is all you need."

Leonor Greyl
Masque Fleurs de Jasmin, $65, available at Leonor Greyl U.S.A.
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Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer
Hair type: Straight and thick
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"I'm pretty low-maintenance about my hair, but I can't live without a surf spray — my favorite being Bumble and Bumble's Surf Infusion, which manages to add texture to my locks without drying them out. In the morning, if my locks are looking limp and lifeless (which, to be honest, is most days), I'll give my dry hair a generous mist and scrunch and twist. The spray doesn't make my stick-straight hair wavy by any means, but it does give it fullness and a slight bend in one minute flat."

Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion, $29, available at Sephora.
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Photographed by Justin Coit.
Lexy Lebsack, West Coast Beauty Editor
Hair type:
Medium-weight, wavy, and color-treated
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"Words can't describe how much I love the magical fairy dust that comes from this can of Swedish volume powder. I would characterize it as a texture spray/dry shampoo/teasing powder hybrid, but it's so much more than that. It makes hair smell lovely and never feel dry or brittle, like many texture sprays can (and I bleach my hair enough that I should know). But the real selling point is that it makes hair look twice as thick — immediately —without gunking up my locks.

"My advice? Use it as the last product in your hair routine by lightly spraying it through the mid-lengths of dry hair. Finish with a light spray into roots, massage gently, and boom: fuller, thicker hair with no sticky side effects."

Sachajuan Volume Powder, $35, available at David Pirrotta.
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Maria Del Russo, Beauty Editor
Hair type: Thick, wavy-to-curly, and recently dried out from bleach
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"After I got my hair bleached, my already wavy hair tripled in size and texture and became even more unruly. Hair Balm was the only thing that was able to wrangle my mane. I love it because it's so versatile. I put the balm in my hair when it's wet, then, to revive my second-day curls, I emulsify the balm in water and spritz it on my strands. I get my version of perfect hair every single time."

Hair Balm, $36, available at Hairstory.
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Zooey Purdy, Product Manager
Hair type:
Medium-weight, curly, and color-treated

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"Detangling my hair is the bane of my existence. Growing up, my parents referred to my mane as a 'rat's nest,' which is still not entirely inaccurate. The detangling portion of my shower process can take up to 10 minutes — not joking. Therefore, finding a conditioner to aid in my struggle has been key to saving me time (and pain).

"This product has the perfect blend of moisture and slip (the curly-hair world's term for how easily a product glides through your hair). It eases the detangling process, and leaves my hair moisturized without the use of silicones. If I hadn't found a conditioner that worked this well, I probably would have shaved my head many years ago."

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Hair Smoothie, $14, available at Carol's Daughter.
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Samantha Sasso, Beauty Editorial Assistant
Hair type:
Dry, thick, and straight
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"This luxurious shampoo is so rich that washing your hair with it almost doubles as giving yourself a conditioning treatment, making it perfect for my dry, thick hair. My strands air-dry to a weightless and smooth finish, which they never had before I discovered this stuff. I've never trusted a hair product so much in my life; I know it will always get the job done when I need it to."

Bain Riche, $42, available at Kérastase U.S.A.
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Alix Tunell, Senior Beauty Editor
Hair type:
Fine and wavy
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"I’ve never been much into styling products. Just about every product I’ve tried weighs down my hair — but I can’t live without the entire Davines Oi line. The milk is a lightweight, creamy spray I use all over my damp hair.

"It acts as a leave-in conditioning treatment, and my hair is noticeably softer and less prone to puffing out in the humidity when I use it. Also, it seems there is no way to go overboard with it. And the scent, well, I could write 1,000 words on it. It’s my favorite thing in the world."

Oi All In One Milk, $32, available at Davines.
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