This Space Jam Capsule Is Peak '90s (In The Best Possible Way)

Photo: Courtesy of Forever21.
Update: Forever21's Space Jam capsule is now available! Go forth and shop, both in stores and online.

This story was originally published on December 16, 2016.

The fact that Space Jam turned 20 (yes, 20!) in 2016 means that this occasion can and will be commemorated with merch. First, Michael Jordan's Brand Jordan released a special capsule for the film's actual anniversary in November. Urban Outfitters also has its own range of T-shirts and pins featuring our favorite Looney Tunes. Now, Forever 21 announces it, too, wants in on the Jam.

The fast-fashion retailer designed an 11-piece sportswear collection in honor of Space Jam's big 2-0, set to debut in store and online on December 22. Created in collaboration with Warner Brothers Consumer Products and Freeze, Forever 21 leaned into the nostalgic theme by bringing back beloved characters like Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Sylvester, Tweety, among others on sleeveless T-shirts (with on-trend lace-up fronts), acid-wash sweatshirts, and faux jerseys. Get ready to introduce the "Tune Squad" and "Dunk Devil" back into your vocabulary, as some of the most memorable phrases from the film also found their way into the capsule.
Photo: Courtesy of Forever21.
Photo: Courtesy of Forever21.
"With all of our collaborations, we seek partners who we know our customers will be inspired by and will love," a Forever 21 rep told Refinery29. "Even after 20 years, Space Jam is a movie that people still enjoy watching with new generations discovering it for the first time. Developing the Space Jam collection felt natural and like a perfect, fun fit for Forever 21."

Though Forever 21 markets itself for "all ages, genders, and sizes," as Linda Chang, vice president of merchandising, told Racked in 2015, it's a brand very much associated with teenagers and mall culture. Still, the 31-year-old brand lived through the '90s and understands the power of nostalgia. "We're a collective group of ‘80s and ‘90s babies paying homage to the movies, shows and brands we grew up watching," the retailer's rep told us. "With recent ‘90s trends, Space Jam was a no-brainer for us."

Over the years, Forever 21 has released a series of limited-run pieces inspired by beloved franchises and brands meant to inspire some throwback heart-tugging, such as capsules with Disney Pixar, Star Wars, and Barbie. "As one of the most iconic and recognized animations in the world, Looney Tunes appeals to a broad demographic and we think new audiences will react positively," the rep said. Plus, the Space Jam fandom has proven to be strong: Fans are willing to shell out for memorabilia.
Photo: Courtesy of Forever21.
Photo: Courtesy of Forever21.
It's a tough call as to which specific styles will resonate the most with customers, but the retailer made sure to include a range of characters in the hopes that all Space Jam fans would find something that fits their #TBT needs. And just like that, we've got our outfits completely picked out to go see that rumored sequel.

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