Here's How To Make A Week's Worth Of No-Cook Meals With One Rotisserie Chicken

We are constantly on the hunt for faster and easier ways to keep our kitchen efforts to a minimum — especially during these, not so chill, summer months. So embracing the no-cook lifestyle was a seasonal no brainer; we've tackled breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even an all-encompassing no-cook grocery hit list. And just when it seemed like we had hacked the hell out of all potential summer meal strategies, a golden and crispy-skinned light bulb went off: pre-cooked, store-bought rotisserie chicken.
Regardless of schedules (busy or bored) and living situations (S.O.s or solo), picking up a whole, already made rotisserie chicken from a nearby grocery spot is an essential time- and budget-saving move. Not only is this pre-cooked poultry fairly affordable (we scooped one up for $6.99), but the potential for a week's worth of effortless, delicious, and customizable meals teeters on pretty endless. Meals that — did we mention? — require zero cooking. So, armed with a succinct shopping list (featured ahead), we decided to test out the five meals one bird method for ourselves. Scroll on to see the easy no-cook meal options we were able to whip up with this one store-bought, star ingredient.

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